Promoting Your Blog for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

As part of our blog series, “30 Days to Bigger and Better Website Marketing” we are on the subject of blogs. Yesterday we covered the importance of blogging frequently and the role SEO can play in its promotion. However, there is a whole host of others things you can do to promote your blog online!

Once you've been blogging a while, submit it to blog directories, like Blogcatalog. The reason it's important to wait until you have a few blogs under your belt is that many directories only accept listings from blogs that have been established (i.e., you've proven that it's not one of the many blogs that gets created then abandoned).

Then every time you write a new blog post:

1) Submit the post to social media news sites, like Digg

2) Update your social media profiles (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with “New Blog Post: [Title of Your Blog]” including a link to the post

3) For a later update on your social media profiles, pull a compelling quote from the blog post that can stand on its own, including a link to the post itself

Another great way to build a base of support for your blog is to pay it forward and become a frequent reader of other people's blogs. Be sure to choose those that are relevant to your own subject matter then a) subscribe to their blog feed and b) leave your thoughts about their posts in the comments section (including a link to your own blog of course).

What you'll find is that the bloggers you follow contribute information that you can blog about too, of course giving credit where credit is due, helping to ensure that others will do the same for you!

If at any time throughout this 30-day series you have a question you'd like addressed, contact us or ask via the comments section of this blog.

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