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It’s the age old franchise dilemma: the franchisees want to do more of their own local internet marketing, but the franchisor wants to maintain control of the brand. The good news is that it’s possible to do both. With CyberMark’s franchise internet marketing services, we work with both the franchisor and franchisee to achieve maximum results, maintain brand standards, and keep the franchises happy with great service.

Brand Research

We begin by researching your brand, your current advertising efforts, and what your competitors are doing.

Digital Playbook

We make strategic recommendations to best deliver your objectives by creating your Digital Playbook.

Marketing Templates

Each advertising campaign in your playbook uses a template which includes the strategy, creative, and copy for all the required elements.

What to expect?
Easy setup.


Our advertising services enable you to get the most out of your advertising spend, maintain brand standards, and have total insight into performance at both the location and corporate levels.

Step 1


Step 1 for this project is researching your brand, your advertising, and your competitors. Step 2 is making strategic recommendations to best deliver your objectives and and creating your Digital Playbook. Each advertising campaign in your Playbook uses a Template which includes the strategy, creative, and copy for all the required elements such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, Google Search, and your landing page.

What's Included
  • 1 landing page creative and copy
  • 2 campaign Templates Each Template may include:
    • Social ads (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Display ads
    • Search ads
  • Your advertising KPI’s
  • Your user journey (how does a prospect become a customer)
    One round of creative revisions

Step 2


The next step in the project is the creation of your Advertising Platform. This platform is a powerful tool that your locations can use to grow their businesses and that corporate can use to maintain brand consistency as well as centralize your lead tracking, analytics, and reporting. Each location has their own location site and credentials enabling them to control their landing page and offers and review results.

What's Included?
  • Advertising Landing Page with a auto-responder
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Centralized Lead Tracking
  • Up to 3 goals / trackable events (more can be purchased separately)
  • A branded lead tracking portal

Step 3

Locations opt-in

Once the Marketing Platform has been completed, CyberMark can start advertising for your locations.

What's Included?

Advertising with CyberMark means advertising at a hyper-local level. Working directly with the franchisee, we scale and manage campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, and Google Search.


Our primary focus is generating the most cost-efficient results for budgets of any size. As your digital advertising partner, we are uniquely equipped to analyze data across the entire brand to help inform the strategy for every individual location while providing unparalleled franchisee support and transparent reporting on metrics that matter.

Our Partners


At CyberMark, we believe in teaming up with the best. We’re proud to partner with industry-leading technology providers and community organizations. Together, our mission is to help you succeed.

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We are a team of creatives who are excited about helping franchises, emerging brands, and small-to-medium businesses alike expand their digital presence. Through top-notch website design, development, market research, and digital advertising, we propel our clients to new levels of success.

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