Elevating Lead Performance with CyberMark’s Google Pilot Program

A Barre Fitness Franchise Success Story

Fitness Franchise excels in lead performance

Client Overview

A prominent barre fitness franchise approached CyberMark to increase lead performance using the unchartered waters of Google Advertising. The fitness franchise had made a name for itself within the health and fitness industry as a female-focused gym that promotes self-love. With locations increasing nationwide, the franchise decided to leverage digital platforms to encourage women throughout the nation to join their local barre fitness gym.

The Challenge

The barre fitness franchise came to CyberMark with a single goal in mind. The franchise wanted to introduce its gyms to Google Advertising without interrupting the rapid growth of the company. The brand had seen plenty of success recently and hoped to further increase its lead performance with Google Ads.

This left CyberMark with the task of seamlessly integrating Google Ads into the franchise’s digital marketing strategy.

The Solution

CyberMark decided to initiate a meticulous Google Pilot experiment. The team selected three locations to participate in the new Google Pilot Program to test the advertising system. The three locations were excited to help build the new structure for the brand’s advertising strategy.

CyberMark took the three locations and tested out the new program built on data collected from previous and current clients. This data would be used to create actionable insights while ensuring a seamless integration into the brand’s current paid advertising strategy. Using this data-driven approach would secure the success of the Google Pilot experiment and improve the lead performance of all three locations.


To ensure the campaign’s success, the advertising team created Google Advertisements that closely reflected the brand’s current running ads. This included using high-quality photography and copywriting that has proven successful with current ads.

Once the ads were created the team looked at different ad groups and what the brand’s competitors were auctioning against. Analyzing this data allowed the team to target the groups that were most appropriate for the paid search ads while still reflecting the franchise’s preferred and most successful demographics.

The last piece to the puzzle was ensuring that all the leads from the new campaigns continued to funnel through our lead tracking portal. This would allow the barre fitness locations to view their performance without any additional work on their end.

The Results

The locations spent an average of $650 per month on Google Ads for the duration of the pilot and generated over 61,000 ad views, nearly 3,000 clicks, and over 350 leads.

  • 153% increase in phone calls to the local studios
  • 12% increase in forms to the local studios
  • Locations that ran Google Ads experienced a $6 lower cost per lead than locations that did not
  • Campaigns achieved 2x the industry conversion rate on Google Search

The participating locations rose to the top of the brand leaderboard, with an average increase in leads of 34% compared to previous months. Overall, the brand generated 13% more leads during the 3-month pilot compared to the same time period prior.

“Looks like the pilot is off to a great start!” – Megan C., CMO at Franworth Brands

The three locations also saw an increase in quality leads throughout the 3-month program. The participating gyms outperformed the industry benchmark for the CTR and Cost per Conversion. The conversion rate reached nearly twice the industry benchmark at an average of 12% during the Google Pilot Program.

The three locations also saw an average increase of 11% and had an average cost per conversion that was more than $6 below the corporate average.

3 month google ad pilot program lead performance


Given the insights and the high performance of the three locations utilizing the Google Ad Pilot, we can confidently recommend that additional franchisees become Google Advertising participants with CyberMark. From increased leads, to lower costs per conversion, we have helped the barre fitness brand increase their lead performance across the participating locations.

This case study has proven that our data-driven paid advertising strategies empower franchisees with the tools and expertise they need to succeed online. It also continues to position CyberMark as one of the top lead gen agencies in Phoenix. For more information on our Google Advertising Services contact our business solutions team today.

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