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Search Engine Optimization

You have a website – now you need to get leads. But how can your customers find you online if the search engines can’t? That is where our search engine optimization experts and copywriters can help.


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Average SEO score achieved

First step of website marketing is on-page SEO

Organic search generates 20X more traffic than Paid Advertising.

Google states that ROI on organic search is 5.3X versus just 2X from Paid Advertising.

Long Term Value

Boost the page value enduringly instead of just giving it a short-term visibility boost by ads.

Boost Ranking

Google gives higher SERPs to sites with no console errors.

Crawl Better

Helps crawlers understand what your page is offering and in what context.

Improve CTR

Accurate meta info helps users discover your website in search results.

Enhance Your Online Visibility with Expert SEO Services

Your search for SEO services that can elevate your online presence to new heights ends here.

Take control of your workday

Recover precious time during your day. With a skilled group of content producers, developers, professionals in the field, and data advisors supporting them, your marketing specialist will transform SEO into a dependable and worry-free marketing avenue for you.

Maximize Your Profits

Achieve the outcomes that leadership desires, whether it's expanding your market presence or generating employment opportunities, with the guidance of our seasoned SEO specialists. Unlock the potential of your business with our SEO expertise and join the ranks of successful companies that have grown their bottom line through our services.

Simplify Your Marketing Approach

Managing an omnichannel marketing strategy has never been more straightforward. Our passionate agency, boasting a team of experts, is here to construct, execute, and oversee your cross-channel strategy on your behalf.

Boost Optimize Growth

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Website Audits Per Year
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Title And Meta Description Optimization​
Sitemap.xml Creation/Optimization
Image Alt Text Optimization
Schema (Rich Snippets)
Robots.txt Optimization
Broken Link Checker
Monthly SEO Reports
Keyword Rank Tracking
Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Setup
Google Search Console Error Fixes

*$300 one-time setup for new SEO clients. Additional setup fees may be required.


**Technical audits only. Our other packages include content audits. A technical audit is only reviewing items like 404’s, broken links, missing SEO data from pages, etc.

Custom Plans


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How do we determine our pricing for your small business?

Unveil Your Business Aspirations

Delve into the heart of your business dreams. We're eager to uncover your company's vision, both immediate and down the road, to craft an SEO strategy that propels you toward those very aspirations.

Review Your Competition

Our team will take a look into your competition — both as a business and within Google search, specifically — to determine the best plan of attack.

What Are Your Objectives?

What key objectives are on your roadmap? Increase your new user visibility? Get more leads? Generate more brand awareness? We’ll create a plan that aligns perfectly.

What’s Always Included?

Our range of customized plans that's perfect for your unique business needs.

Unlocking Your Business’s Full Potential with Tailored SEO Strategies

Types of SEO Services

On-Page SEO

Website content impacts many aspects of SEO-performance. Search engines have advanced from simply reading copy on a page to being able to understand how combinations of words express different meanings and intent. They are also able to identify images and translate video content. Our On-Page SEO services focus on the overall page experience for users by creating content that matches user intent based on search queries and then optimizing those elements to help search engines understand the full context of a page.

Off-Page SEO

Actions taken outside of your website that influence rankings are referred to as Off-Page SEO. Search engines use signals from outside sources to determine the authority of website pages. These include backlinks from reputable and related websites, online reviews, social media mentions, directory listings, press releases, and other referring sources. Analyzing and contributing to these sources is a key part of driving SEO success.

Technical SEO

How a website functions is also considered by search engines when determining the quality of a site. Mobile usability, page load speed, crawlability are all facets of technical SEO. Technical audits help uncover a variety of issues that can influence a user’s experience when visiting your website. These issues can also impact how search engines access and index parts of your site. Finding and correcting problems on websites can greatly improve how your site ranks and performs on search engine result pages.

Rank Click

Our Rank-Click-Convert SEO package is an all-encompassing search engine optimization plan that is custom-built to get your business the most leads from organic search results. 


Our number one focus is getting your website at the top of the search engine results for your more important keywords. This involves on-page search engine optimization, high-quality content creation, website architecture optimization, external linking, and more.


It’s not enough for your website to simply rank highly on Google; it needs to stand out amongst countless other listings in order to get people to click on it. We optimize your search listing to entice potential customers to visit your website and see what you have to offer.


If you have traffic visiting your website from organic searches, but you aren’t getting any leads, what’s the point? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an integral part of your SEO plan that is often overlooked by our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are some examples of the projects your team will complete?

Example of SEO projects our team may recommend include (but are not limited to):

We prioritize what Google indicates as priority ranking factors but here are a few items we would optimize.

  • Title tag, meta description and header (TMH) optimization
  • Image search optimizations
  • Website load time improvements
  • Sitemap submissions
  • 404 error corrections
  • 301 redirects
  • Technical SEO optimizations
What is included in the one-time SEO set up fee?

Our one-time set up fee includes the following required tasks to be completed. This ensures we are able to provide you with quality product and service.

  • Keyword Research - Includes keyword tracking and reporting
  • Google Analytics Setup - If existing, our team will gain access and set up according to CyberMark’s standards
  • Google Search Console Setup - If existing, our team will gain access and set up according to CyberMark’s standards
What is not included with my SEO program?

It is natural for websites to age as the digital marketing landscape evolves. If your website is not performing optimally, your SEO manager may recommend additional improvements outside the scope of your SEO program, including (but not limited to) a redesign. If additional work is needed, our team will provide a separate quote for the recommended service so it can be completed without interrupting your SEO program. If your SEO manager found something that required a larger amount of time than standard, we would also provide a one-time quote for that type of work. 


Can I cancel my SEO program?

Before you cancel, we'd love to hear from you. SEO is the long game, so we want to make sure each SEO client is aware of the time investment needed. But if you are committed to cancelling, we just need it in writing via email. We require a 30 day cancellation notice.

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Why choose CyberMark for your SEO services?

As one of the first internet marketing agencies (yeah, some of us are old…) we have the experience needed to help your business grow online. We were in the search engine optimization and internet marketing business before Google was a household name, and many of our clients have been with us for more than 10 plus years.

We understand that small business owners do not have time to manage and execute a successful SEO campaign and that they need a partner they can trust that can deliver quantitative results. Unlike other search engine optimization or SEM agencies, we do not outsource. When you work with CyberMark, you work with CyberMark!

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We are a team of creatives who are excited about helping franchises, emerging brands, and small-to-medium businesses alike expand their digital presence. Through top-notch website design, development, market research, and digital advertising, we propel our clients to new levels of success.

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