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Internet Marketing Trends 2014 [Part 10 of 11]: Online Advertising

Kimberly Judd-PennieJuly 10, 2014Uncategorized

For all the good that social media and organic SEO can do for your business, they cannot do everything. It takes times to build a quality social media following that will drive qualified traffic to your site. The same is true of organic search engine optimization. Yes, organic SEO done right is invaluable, but it will Read More


8 Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Share Factor

Kimberly Judd-PennieMarch 27, 2014Uncategorized

If you want it to stand out, your blog marketing can’t just be good. It’s gotta be great. Not just relative to your writing, but a whole host of other things that influence whether your blog posts get shared or not. After all, as rewarding as it is when people read your posts, like your Read More


How To Optimize Content for Google’s New Enhanced Search

Kimberly Judd-PennieOctober 2, 2013Uncategorized

As Google search gets smarter, your website’s content needs to follow suit. And it’s not just a matter of avoiding keyword-stuffed pages. How you think about keywords and how you format your content needs to change too. Hummingbird Algorithm Among other things, Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm incorporates the conversational search that Google had already incorporated Read More


Making the Most of Facebook News Feed Ads

Kimberly Judd-PennieSeptember 21, 2013pay per click advertising Uncategorized

Facebook News Feed ads appear as posts within the News Feeds of targeted Facebook users. As astronomical as Facebook traffic may be, it’s not enough to slap any old ad up there. It’s important you take the time to make the most of this unique addition to your pay per click advertising campaign. 1) Think Read More


Why LinkedIn Advertising is Important

Kimberly Judd-PennieJuly 30, 2013Uncategorized

Why LinkedIn Advertising is Important In a previous post we discussed what LinkedIn is, who uses it, and the major benefits it offers. Though LinkedIn benefits both individuals and businesses, business owners may find that LinkedIn is especially helpful and can put them miles ahead of the competition because of the relative novelty of their Read More


Social Media Strategy: What to Consider

Kimberly Judd-PennieJuly 8, 2013Uncategorized

Many businesses feel overwhelmed by the prospect of integrating a comprehensive social media marketing strategy. While new technology requires some adaption, in the long run businesses will find this strategy beneficial for business growth. Whether your business is new to social media, or has a current strategy that isn’t proving successful, CyberMark can help. With Read More


Top 5 Trends in Pay Per Click

Kimberly Judd-PennieJanuary 2, 2013Uncategorized

People are always looking for new opportunities in future marketing trends. With new opportunities come new possibilities and new potential for growth. Here are five new trends in PPC that you should consider for 2013: Take advantage of mobile We’re entering an age where more people are accessing the internet with their mobile devices than Read More


WordPress for Beginners: 5 Tips You Should Know

Kimberly Judd-PennieDecember 5, 2012blogging Uncategorized

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms that exist, mostly for its versatility and user-friendliness. But if you’re just starting out, there are a few small things you can do to completely change your WordPress experience for the better. Schedule Posts for the Future Following a set publishing schedule can be great for Read More


What Can Blogging Do For Local SEO?

Kimberly Judd-PennieNovember 7, 2012blogging Uncategorized

Search engine optimization for local companies is all about ongoing, consistent online promotional activities, so it only makes sense that blogging can be the perfect tool to help. The good news is, many local or small businesses haven’t hopped on the blogging bandwagon yet as an SEO tactic, so it’s still something of a secret Read More


LinkedIn Redesign Allows Companies to Feature Updates

Kimberly Judd-PennieOctober 11, 2012Uncategorized

LinkedIn is taking another step towards business-to-consumer marketing with a new design for company pages that allows them to pay to feature their updates. The site made this new feature available to select firms almost a month ago and now plans to make it available for free to more than 2 million companies with LinkedIn Read More