Our Favorite Reasons to Invest in Facebook Advertising Services

There are a lot of reasons to invest in Facebook advertising services, but they can be scary for people who have only used the social media network to access their personal accounts. Setting up a campaign and managing a large budget is a big task, but if done correctly, Facebook ad campaigns are extremely effective. In fact, many successful franchises and multi-location businesses rely on Facebook for a majority of their advertising results! Whether you are new to Facebook ads or have been running campaigns for years, here are a few reasons to appreciate advertising on this popular social network.

Organic Reach is in Decline

You may have noticed that your organic posts just don’t reach people like they used to. Posts that used to get hundreds of likes, shares and comments now get a paltry few reactions from only your most loyal followers. This is a deliberate move by Facebook to help users see less from companies – and more from their friends. This is great news for consumers but has obvious drawbacks for brands trying to reach their clientele. This change has pushed many companies to turn to advertising in order to reach new and existing customers.


Everyone is on Facebook

There is a huge population of people on Facebook – more than 2.2 billion people active on a monthly basis and nearly 1.5 billion who use Facebook daily. That’s not just the younger generations, either. According to recent surveys, there are actually over 47 million users over the age of 55 on Facebook alone. That’s an enormous pool of potential consumers who could see your ad and make the decision to check out your business.


…and They’re all Addicted

As if huge populations of people are not enough, users in the U.S. spend an average of 39 minutes on Facebook every day. That creates a lot of opportunities to target your desired customers and deliver services they actually want right to their screen.


Reach Who You Want

Facebook ads give you complete control over your campaign by choosing a variety of demographics including location, age, gender, interests, and more. If you are part of a franchise, your national team may even have pre-determined demographics to target, which makes this step easier. You are essentially choosing who sees your ad, so your budget is spent only on the people who matter to you (and your business). Now that’s a smart idea!


Easier to Capture Leads

Want customers to call your business directly? Facebook has a “Call Now” button for that. In fact, you can choose from a whole variety of options that direct users to complete specific actions that put them in touch with you. It’s just another way Facebook ads give you control over how other people see – and interact with – your business.


Remarketing on Demand

Remarketing allows Facebook to target users who may have visited your website, used your app or shared their email address with you. This is a great way to reach consumers who are probably already interested in your product or service but weren’t ready to make a commitment right away. It’s the convenience of having what you want exactly when you want it – and we get to deliver that message straight to your customers.


Measurable Results

Nobody likes throwing money into a void. With Facebook, you get all the metrics related to your ads so you can see your return on investment. That’s right: there are no gray areas when it comes to your campaign. Everything from reach and impressions to clicks and conversions is tracked in the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Our team also breaks all of your data down into an easy-to-read report to help keep track of your ROI. It’s easy to feel good about a decision with proof that it works!


It’s Good for SEO

If you haven’t heard about search engine optimization (SEO), check out our blog to learn more about the basics! SEO encompasses everything about your website that makes popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing take note. If tons of people flock to your website on a regular basis, that is taken into account alongside a variety of additional data. If you maintain a healthy website, this results in a good overall score. That score means you’re more likely to show up on the first page of search results, which ultimately helps you reach more people, make more sales and take over the world (seriously though). It’s this synergy that makes the internet so great!


Don’t wait to kickstart your social media advertising services! Contact CyberMark to ask about Facebook ad campaign setup and management for no-hassle results you will love. A new era of marketing has arrived.

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