What Makes Display Advertising Services Successful?

Display advertising services are a vast ocean of opportunity. There are unlimited chances to push your service out to interested consumers! At the same time, digital advertising comes with heavy competition. You need the right strategy to avoid blowing your budget. Don’t get lost at sea; navigate the murky waters like a pro with our handy guide to help you answer burning questions like, “what are display ads?” and “are they really worth my money?” Here’s our take on this hot topic.

What is Display Advertising?
First thing’s first: display ads are banner ads that go on websites or social media platforms. They’re just another form of pay-per-click advertising. That’s it! Now don’t you feel smart? You could stop reading this right now and live the rest of your life without worrying about display ads ever again. We make things simple like that.

For those who like to complicate life: we’ve got you. Read on to get the details you need to know about display advertising campaigns and what you need to look for as a business owner.

Why Should I Care About Display Advertising?
There are a lot of reasons to love display ads. You can target specific demographics just like you would with other pay-per-click campaigns. Everything from a customer’s zip code to their interests is available to you and your marketing team.

Display ads can be helpful from a financial perspective, too. These ads are delivered only on websites that are relevant to your product or service. This avoids wasting your ad budget on customers who aren’t interested in what you’re selling. If you want to reach people who are already interested in your service or industry, this could be a really good option for you.

Types of Display Advertising
There are three main types of campaigns when it comes to display advertising:

  • Retargeting
  • Standard
  • Dynamic
  • Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness

Retargeting allows you to deliver ads to people who have already interacted with you online. This could include anyone from website visitors to app users, a specific customer list, or a custom combination that your marketer develops.

Acquisition campaigns are exactly what they sound like: we’re trying to acquire new customers or drive people into your sales funnel.

Brand awareness has a different goal: we focus on reach instead of direct conversions. This matches our intent, which is really just to familiarize people with your brand.

How Are My Display Ads Delivered to Customers?
Display ads are delivered to potential customers using two systems: demand-side platforms (DSP) and real-time bidding (RTB).

Demand-side platforms push your ads out to an array of publishers through online exchanges. They use a single buying point to get you the highest reach possible.

Real-time bidding is like an online auction. You bid on platforms and your ad appears when you win the bid. Unlike a real-life auction, you don’t actually know what other people are bidding – you just bid what you believe is a fair price.

In short, demand-side platforms get information about internet users. That information is then used in real-time bidding to decide which ads are selected for a page. This whole process happens in the amount of time it takes a page to load – often just milliseconds! The internet is truly a wonderful thing.

How to Create Effective Display Ads
There are a few things your marketing team is going to do so we can develop the best ads the world has ever seen (no, really – have you seen our ads?). Here are the basics:

Eye-Catching Design
Nobody wants to click on a boring ad. We capture the minds and hearts of potential customers by creating something completely irresistible. That means using clean, simple designs with attractive graphics, different fonts, complimentary colors, and messaging that speaks to users. We do everything short of calling out your customers by name.

Landing Page
Once users click on your ad, we need to send them somewhere. We call this “somewhere” a landing page. Sometimes we direct users to your website, but we typically get the best results from a specially-built standalone page. It’s totally separate from your website and is hyper-targeted to meet the expectations of people who clicked on your ad.

There is a science to building a great landing page, but we won’t bore you with the details. Our team is on top of it and has some pretty neat tools to make sure you get the latest and greatest in landing page technology.

A Clear Call-to-Action
Every ad (every good ad, anyway) should have a call-to-action (CTA). This CTA tells users what we want them to do. Are they clicking to claim an offer? Opting into a newsletter? Signing away their firstborn child*? The goal is to let customers know what you want and what they need to do.


What is A/B Testing?
Your marketer may complete A/B testing to perfect your banner ads or landing pages. This means pushing out banners with the headline, CTA, colors, copy, or size adjusted to see what performs best. A/B testing is often the best way for us to hone your campaign even more once it goes live so we can focus your budget where it is most effective.

Are Display Ads Worth It?
Now it’s time to answer that age-old question: are display advertising services really worth the money? In a lot of cases, yes, they are! Display ads are a great way to reach consumers who wouldn’t normally see your ads under other circumstances. They are customized to deliver something people are already interested in, which makes them super helpful and can even increase conversion rates.

The trick is to understand that advertising results vary for each industry and location. Even if you are part of a well-respected franchise, your city will dictate a lot of what works and what doesn’t for your business. Your paid ad specialist should help you understand more about setting reasonable expectations for your ad campaigns.

Display advertising services are a great way to drive business or complement an existing search engine optimization (SEO) campaign . With the right marketing team helping you navigate, you really can’t go wrong! Contact our team today to learn more about whether display advertising services are right for you or follow us on Facebook for more helpful digital marketing tips!

*Disclaimer: CyberMark does not endorse signing away your firstborn child (or any other child, for that matter).

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