What is Google My Business and Why Is It Important?

The days of phonebook listings are over. Today’s equivalent is to have a Google My Business listing. This is a crucial step in developing your business and establishing an online presence. Having a listing is important for both small businesses and large franchises.


Your listing doesn’t just provide a geographical location, it’s also a resource of additional information for your customers such as:
• Hours
• Phone Number
• Website
• Reviews
• Services Offered


A Google My Business Listing Puts You on the Map

Creating a Google My Business listing on Google literally puts you on the map, Google Maps that is. Your business will now show up in searches on Google Maps or in a Google search, and in some cases, both! Most searches in Google are to find a business or service within a close proximity to the user. When a user comes across your GMB listing, your address, contact information, and images will pop up. While Google can generate a street view image to populate in your listing, it’s also important to provide your own photos of the business, these can be interior shots, parking situation, or any other types of images that make your business stand out. This can help the user find you easier and convert into a customer.


Best Practices for Your Google My Business

With as frequently as people come across your listing, it’s also important to make sure the content on your listing is relevant and fresh!
• Make Posts:
Featuring a new product or service through a GMB post will intrigue viewers to visiting your space or making a purchase.
• Leaving Reviews:
Encourage customers to leave reviews and photos. This is a great way to broadcast customer satisfaction to prospective customers. Make sure to also respond to negative reviews. This will boost your appeal and credibility.

CyberMark Can Help

Here at CyberMark, we are experienced in helping businesses big and small manage their Google My Business listings. We manage everything from setting up bulk listings for franchises to calling Google support on your behalf. We continually monitor your listings and approve of any updates Google pushes through. This is especially important for franchises as we act as the primary source creating and managing them, offering consistency in your name, address, and phone number formatting across all your franchise locations.

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