CyberMark Enhances Local Listing Management with Yext

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We are thrilled to announce our recent upgrade to Yext, a cutting-edge local listing management platform. This transition to Yext enables us to streamline and optimize the process of updating and auditing local listings across the web.

With this powerful tool at our disposal, our mission to drive growth for your business while maintaining brand guidelines will be more effective than ever before.

What is Yext?

Graphic - Understanding Yext: The Premier Local Listing Provider

Yext stands as the premier listing provider, boasting invaluable partnerships with digital giants such as Google, Yelp, Apple, and Facebook. Through these partnerships, Yext allows us to broadcast local businesses to a wider audience on a unified platform and maximize online visibility.

Whether you own a small business or you’re a franchise brand looking to expand your locations nationwide, this tool partnered with CyberMark’s remarkable local listing management service will elevate your business to the next level.

Unique Yext Features

Yext Local Listing Features

The upgrade to Yext gives us access to new and unique features that help maintain brand guidelines across franchise locations and build consistency across listings for your small business.

Here are a few highlights that will help elevate your online listings when you sign up for local listing management with CyberMark.

Extensive Knowledge Graph

At the core of Yext lies its advanced knowledge graph, which empowers us to seamlessly distribute information across various publishers for your local business in real-time.

We can now update business hours and other details across all your online listings simultaneously, reducing the margin for errors and inconsistencies.

Map Integrations for Enhanced Accuracy

Yext partners and integrates with popular navigation apps, enhancing the accuracy of your location. The platform even offers a Map Marker field that allows us to precisely position the marker on the map, leaving no room for ambiguity.

By integrating with services like Apple Maps, Google Maps, and MapQuest, Yext minimizes the chances of lost leads, ensuring potential customers find your business effortlessly.

Effective Suggestion Management

With platforms like Google and Yelp allowing users to suggest changes to business information, inaccuracies in contact details or operating hours can be a frequent battle. Yext’s unique suggestion management feature provides a comprehensive view of suggestions across all your online listings.

Yext simplifies the process by centralizing these suggestions in one dashboard where we can quickly reject any inaccurate information. This outstanding feature ensures your listings remain up-to-date and reliable.

Noticeable Results

graphic representing results with Yext

Yext’s impact on various renowned chains, including Massage Envy, Fitness First, and Villa Restaurant Group, exemplifies its ability to enhance business growth. For instance, Massage Envy witnessed an impressive 32% year-over-year growth rate in direction clicks and a remarkable 53% increase in website clicks since implementing Yext (Massage Envy Manages Business Information and Streamlines Workflows with Yext).

Similarly, Fitness First experienced a significant 51% year-over-year growth in website clicks and improved response rates to online reviews with Yext’s assistance (Fitness First Partners With Yext to Increase Visibility From One Central Source of Truth).

Villa Restaurant Group leveraged Yext to improve brand discoverability and enhance the search experience, driving substantial benefits for their business (Villa Restaurant Group Leverages Yext to Maintain Brand Consistency).

Powering Growth with Local Listing Management

With our ongoing mission to power growth for your business, upgrading to Yext’s local listing management platform was the obvious choice. With this new partnership, we aim to replicate and surpass the success achieved by various businesses currently using Yext. Empower your brand’s online expansion with the best digital tools available when you enroll in CyberMark’s digital marketing services.

Check out our SEO services for small businesses to learn more about our local listing management at CyberMark. You can also find local listing management for your franchise brand in our digital utilities program. Call our team at 480.546.5652 today to learn more.

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