SEO Linking Strategy Part II of II: How Many Inbound Links is Enough?


CyberMark works to slowly build your number of inbound links over time. For an idea of how many links are pointing to your site, visit and click on the Yahoo report. Google will never show the true number of links to a website and neither BING nor MSN will show a good accounting of them. Yahoo will show the most accurate listing of your site's inbound links, though chances are good that Yahoo's results will not reflect every single one.

As a starting point for search engine optimization, every site needs links pointing to it.

For example, Google requires inbound links before it will even index a page. Linking is a never ending requirement to keep your site at the top of the search engines. This is why we grow your linking slowly and professionally via our monthly service. It's the only way of communicating to the search engine that you are receiving inbound links naturally, which in turn helps ensure that the links we work so hard to get are indeed counted so they positively impact your rankings.

If you want to rank higher than your competitors, CyberMark recommends exceeding competitor websites in the number of inbound links. Links from sites with a similar theme as your own are best, however, you should never turn down a “good link.” A “good link” is one pointing from the URL of a real, legitimate company that has page rank too. It is absolutely critical that you not link with a site that has no page rank on the homepage. The only exception is if the site is new, as they simply have not had enough time to show page rank. Stay away from “spammy” sites and link farms as the search engines do not like them.

Would you like help increasing your link popularity?

If you do not have time to build your inbound links every month then entrust a professional with the job. CyberMark has very affordable monthly plans to increase your linking so as to build and help maintain your search engine listings. We do this every month for all of our clients, however additional linking on top of your current monthly plan is a great way to supercharge your listings. This is highly recommended for sites with keyword terms that are especially competitive.

If you would like more information about inbound link building for your website, you may contact CyberMark for a free consultation.

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