Ethical SEO: The Exception or the Rule?

CyberMark International prides itself on ethical SEO and was honored to be named a finalist for this year's Arizona Better Business Bureau Ethics Award. Yet search engine optimization companies engaged in questionable practices continue to cast a shadow on the SEO industry as a whole.

Take, for example, a piece that Fox News recently ran on the “top online marketing jobs that will make you money . . . and leave you alone and friendless.” Included in their list is Search Engine Optimizer:

“Ever wonder why ‘nonsense' Web sites sometimes turn up in your search results on Google or Yahoo? That's because search engine optimizing spammers work full-time to create thousands of other Web sites that link to the spam site.”

In fact, that is just one of many tactics implemented by unethical SEO companies – practices that CyberMark never applies to client websites. Certainly there are search engine optimization companies engaged in these questionable strategies, but it is important to distinguish that they are the exception, not the rule.

Ethical search engine optimization is alive and well here at CyberMark and as our 15 years in the business proves, ethical SEO works!

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