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Along with our new website, we are excited to announce the launch of our new CyberMark monthly newsletter! Our newsletter will now allow you to receive a monthly report offering insights into your website's activity for the month and filling you in on the latest news from CyberMark.

At the beginning of the newsletter, you will see your website visitor metrics:

analyticsThis chart is just a small sampling of information from the CyberMark Free Website Analytics Dashboard, an all-in-one user interface that allows businesses to see their website's data in one convenient location. We invite you to login to our
Free Website Analytics Dashboard to check on the health of your website. It's free!

In the next section of the newsletter, you will find a list of the services you subscribe to with CyberMark.

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If the icon reads “OFF” next to a particular service, it means you are not currently subscribed to that service, though you are able to subscribe to that service and have it turned ON at any time. You will also find our latest news, which we invite you to read.

The next section of the newsletter contains some of our latest articles that provide interesting and informative information about current internet marketing trends, helpful tips and tricks, and allow you to improve your small business marketing efforts.

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In addition, we have included the contact information for your personal CyberMark Marketing Specialist. You will want to add them to your contacts and call or email your specialist with any questions or information that they can use to benefit your marketing.

We are continually expanding our online content to bring you updated and relevant information, so we encourage you to bookmark Cybermark.com, check back often to view your website's performance, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or on LinkedIn, to stay up to date with the latest information.

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