QR Codes Are All About Instant Gratification

QR Codes, short for the newest mobile marketing rage Quick Response Codes, are gaining momentum as marketers learn how to use these little boxes filled with hundreds of little black dots loaded with information. The quest is to connect your offline marketing to actual online business, bridging the gap between traditional print marketing and web marketing campaigns.

What can these 2D barcodes actually do for your business?

·Automatic access of information by simply scanning the code

·Direct conversion from code on direct mail piece to actual order

·Instant linking of code on print ads directly to online shopping websites

·Identification of store locations by linking of code to Google maps

·Direct access of special coupons and discounts

·Immediate capturing of data about consumer to better cross-sell

Awareness of mobile barcodes and actual scanning of them are distinctly different. But, there is no question that QR Codes are gaining popularity as part of a company’s Internet marketing strategy. Major companies from retailers like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton to advertising meccas like Madison Square Garden to realtors in your own backyard are getting on this revolutionary bandwagon with a ‘sky is the limit’ audience reach. As the use of smartphones reaches its potential, more of them will come equipped with QR readers and/or cameras. People will be hooked!

Where do you see these QR Codes? An MGH survey conducted by Vision Critical, February 2011 of U.S. smartphone users, 18 years and older, that had seen a QR code, showed the following locations.

·56% on a product

·46% in a magazine

·45% on a coupon

·27% in a newspaper ad

·21% in a catalogue

·17% on TV

·16% on outdoor ads

·11% other

·5% don’t know

So, where can you create QR codes to advertise your business? There are many QR code generators out there to choose from; some of the most reputable include BeQrious and Kerem Erkan. Look for QR code generator websites that are free, quick, trustworthy and offer some kind of tracking.

QR Codes will open the online visitor floodgates. Remember, tons of traffic to your website is great as long as it is the right traffic, confirming the importance of search engine optimization as an integral part of your marketing efforts. SEO is CyberMark International’s specialty. Contact us today and let us get you on the cutting edge of this new world.

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