How to Promote Your Social Media

So, you have a shiny, new Facebook page, Twitter page, a LinkedIn company profile, YouTube channel, etc. And now you're wondering, what's next, and possibly, how in the heck do I get people to actually look at these things? Your Twitter page isn't designed to mire in obscurity; it's called social media for a reason. And here are a few easy ways you can promote your newly social media'd self.

On Your Website

Display your social media loud and proud, right on the home page of your website. Go the low-key route by adding linked icons or go big and bold by displaying a feed of your latest tweets, Facebook statuses, Flickr photo stream., etc.

In Blog Posts

If you have a company blog, inform your readers of other places they can go to get information from your company. Advertise your social media on the sidebar or even at the end of every post.

In Newsletters

Your newsletter is the perfect place to make your social media channels known. Let your subscribers know exactly where else they can go to keep up with the goings on of your company.

In Emails

Your company email signature probably lists your company's website, but does it list your company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.? If not, you're missing out on valuable opportunities to advertise where else your company can be found on the web.

On Other Social Media Channels

Cross-promote your social media channels whenever possible. List your Twitter on your Facebook page and your Facebook page on your Tumblr and so on.

On Print Materials

Just because your print materials pre-date the Internet doesn't mean they can't be used to promote your social media. Be sure to add your social media channels to your brochures, posters, fliers, business cards and other materials that you regularly distribute to current and/or potential customers.

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