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If your business depends on local customers, connecting with those area customers is key to the success of your business. Internet marketing affords you many opportunities to make more customers in the markets you serve aware of just what you have to offer. In our new blog series, Going Local, we discuss ways to build awareness of your business using local SEO.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a quick and effective way to drive more traffic to your website, especially when combined with organic SEO tactics. PPC ads list almost immediately, helping to pull in searchers while waiting for organic SEO to take hold. In addition, PPC ads can help you better determine which keywords are the most successful at attracting customers. And for regional businesses looking to attract local customers, having a local PPC ad is absolutely crucial in drawing in your target customer base.

In developing a successful PPC ad, it's important to use keyword phrases that are broad enough to be used by a large number of searchers but specific enough to bring in targeted leads. Adding cities and other geographic terms that you want to target to your PPC ad bolsters your efforts to inform potential area customers about your business. For instance, say you're an interior decorator in Phoenix. By using the keyword phrase “Phoenix interior decorator,” your ad will appear alongside search results when people in the Phoenix area search for interior decorators. If you decided to leave out the city name and just go with the phrase “interior decorator,” you ad will appear in search results all over the nation. However, with a phrase as general as interior decorator, your ad faces considerably more competition and is likely to get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention your conversion rate would be lower. When choosing an interior decorator, most want to work with someone local, and meet them in person.

Moreover, your regional PPC ad will reach local searchers whether they include specific geographic information in their search terms or not. To improve user search results, Google determines users' location through their IP addresses to present searchers with local ads specific to what they're searching for. For example, if someone in Phoenix searches for “interior decorator,” your “Phoenix interior decorator” ad would show up in search results.

At CyberMark, we can help develop and implement successful PPC campaigns for major search engines on both local and national levels. We can advise you on the best keyword phrases to use to bring in the most targeted leads to your business. We'll also monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and make adjustments as necessary.

For a free consultation on how a regional PPC campaign can benefit your business, e-mail Lisa DeVoe, our CPC manager, at lisa@cybermark.com.

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