3 Reasons Why DIY Internet Marketing Efforts Fail


A great website is the most important component of your internet marketing plan, yet only 53 percent of businesses in the United States have one. When it comes to small businesses, many do not have a modern, updated website to effectively convert visitors into leads. However, a website alone is not in and of itself an internet marketing strategy. Achieving a truly successful online presence is dependent upon how much work you're willing to put into it, but it can be difficult for small business owners to reserve enough time to invest in their internet marketing. Here are some of the most common reasons why do-it-yourself internet marketing efforts don't pay off for small businesses.


A lot of time, effort, expenses, and resources go into creating a new website, and it can be a challenge for some businesses to understand that website design isn't a one-time event. Developments in web design are changing and updating all the time. It can be difficult for a business owner to accept that their site may need some sprucing up on an ongoing basis or even a complete redesign in order to be successful, much less actually implement these changes on their own without the help of a web designer.


Does the idea of spending money on SEO or social media marketing seem wasteful to you? Many people think writing content for their website or updating their own social networks are easy things they can do themselves. However, many business owners who attempt to do this will find that there is simply not enough time in the day to write a weekly blog or consistently post to social media. When SEO is factored in, the task of learning proper techniques and implementing changes across the entire website is often too much for busy business owners to accomplish in what little extra time they have available. If you're serious about getting results, it's best to hire professionals to at least point you in the right direction.

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It can be tempting for many business owners to try their hand at building their own site, writing their own content, and handling their own social media, but these are all things that take up a great deal of time to learn to do correctly. Success in any of these areas requires clear and concise planning, as well as metrics that will help to evaluate your performance over time.

Creating a successful internet marketing plan is something that takes time and requires the knowledge and resources of experienced professionals who can deliver proven results. If you are interested in implementing a new internet marketing plan for your small business, contact CyberMark International today at 623.889.3380 or contact us online.

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