Using the News to Help Your SEO

shutterstock_38218183One of the newest terms in content marketing and search engine optimization has been “newsjacking.” While this may sound like a negative term, the positive results that come from it are anything but. Newsjacking is a technique that marketers and SEO specialists are using to ride the wave of existing demand associated with breaking news for exposure to their sites. Essentially, it is known that there is an extremely high demand for breaking news stories and they are utilizing this demand in order to enhance SEO and contribute to the overall discussion surround the news topic.

So how does someone go about newsjacking? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

– Pay attention to what is going on in the news, especially the latest breaking news

– Understand the keywords being searched for in a particular news cycle

– Create high-quality, well-researched content that serves a demand for information

– Syndicate your content quickly so it can be found when other news organizations search for sources

For small businesses, it is best to look for breaking news stories that are related to your field. When it comes to finding relevant news, get creative. Most businesses will be able to find the occasional story that relates to what they do and use it to their advantage.

Many marketers are finding newsjacking a creative way of using content marketing to enhance SEO. Not only the high-quality, interesting information serve reader's desire for news, it also helps businesses get a mention and a valuable link to their website. Of course, it is critical to realize that this method of content marketing is one that must be jumped on immediately. Writing and posting a story weeks or even days after a news-worthy event happens will dramatically reduce the effectiveness with regards to search engine optimization.

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