Top 5 Social Media Tips for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

As discussed in yesterday's blog post on social media for website marketing, there are so many social media websites (more than 400 in fact!) that is essential you strategically choose the social media websites most relevant to the promotion of your product or service. Then it's simply a matter of making the most of the time you spend on each site by following these top 5 tips for maximizing the social media aspect of your internet marketing campaign:

1. Fill out your social media profiles as completely as possible. The more information you can provide about you and your product or service, the more credible you will appear and, in turn, the more likely other users will choose to “follow” or “fan” you accordingly.

2. Post new updates to your social media profiles on a regular basis, be it once a day on your Facebook Fan Page, five times a day on Twitter or just once a week when posting a new video to YouTube. This not only enables you to promote your website more often but also implies to other users that you are making a dedicated effort to engage with the community.

3. Incorporate your main keyword terms into your social media profiles and updates (on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), as search engines like Google and Bing now include social media content in some search results.

4. Interact with the social media community. Even if you fill out your profiles completely and update your pages on a regular basis, it means little if other users feel you are there solely for self-promotion. If you want them to retweet you on Twitter, for example, then retweet them first! As a general rule, make an effort to seek out social media users whose interests reflect yours (i.e., your business) and comment accordingly – on blogs, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, etc.

5. Cross-promote your social media profiles. For instance, if someone comes across your Facebook Fan Page, ideally they will also see links to follow you on other social media sites, be it Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn or otherwise.

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