The Benefits of Adding Google Author Snippet

shutterstock_115796821The terms Author Snippet and Author Rank are terms that are becoming more and more popular as Google continues to crack down on their search engine algorithms. This is because Google has given several hints that these tools can contribute to your authority and help your rankings in the search engines by showing that the contributors are content creators that can be trusted, not simply passersby.

So what do these terms mean? Well, an author snippet is a snippet of code that is added to your blog that is connected to a personal Google+ profile. When you write blogs and they appear in the search engines, your profile picture and name will accompany the blog post, and cause it to rank higher because it is associated with a Google+ profile. Every Author Rank is associated with a unique digital signature that can help boost every post you make to your blog, making it count even more.

So what are the benefits? Being a contributing author that has recurring content posted on a site simply has more value than just what it will bring in terms of search engine optimization. The readers of your blog are more likely to trust the content you are putting out, and more likely to learn about your products and services, which in turn, will drive traffic and increase sales.

Think about it this way, what are you more likely to trust: content that isn't associated with anyone's name or photo, or content that is backed up by someone's name and headshot. While the idea of this is certainly new and does make some uncomfortable, it's important to understand that just like you wouldn't wear a mask to do business in real life, you shouldn't wear one while doing business on the internet. It is really a side bonus that the author snippet can dramatically help your search engine rankings.

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