Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook Advertising


A few days ago, Facebook announced the launch of Atlas, a new advertising platform that delivers “people-based marketing.” Atlas will connect online campaigns to offline sales, enhance cross-platform marketing and offer enhanced targeting. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft last year and rebuilt the platform from the ground up as they looked to take on Google as a major power in the world of digital advertising. Before the launch of Atlas, Facebook was already a powerful advertising platform. However, Atlas will make Facebook advertising more effective than ever in measuring the ROI of social media and gaining more leads for small businesses. If you are not currently using Facebook advertising for your small business, here are some reasons why you should be.


Facebook's Atlas is More Intelligent than Google

Atlas works by helping companies decide where to place advertisements online and cooperates with website operators that place relevant ads on their website. According to Facebook, Atlas is more efficient at targeting select demographics and continuing to target them across multiple browsers and devices. In comparison, Google's DoubleClick ad service uses tracking cookies to continue to target internet users who have visited a website that uses DoubleClick. In simpler terms, DoubleClick (and many similar services) track your internet activity and use the data to place more ads that are relevant to your browsing sessions. This is why you may see advertisements for a particular product or brand everywhere you go online after you visit the product or brand's website for the first time.



Facebook has used the same tactic up to this point, tracking which websites you visit so that it can show you more targeted ads once you return to Facebook.com. Now, Atlas will use cookies to display relevant ads, but also has the advantage of knowing the true identities of web users. DoubleClick currently does not track web users by their real identities, and DoubleClick ads do not carry from platform to platform, even though you may be logged into your Google account on your desktop, phone and tablet. Cookies are simply not very effective on mobile devices. Atlas will be able to target real people across all of their devices and tell advertisers how many people purchased something after seeing an ad on their phones, tablets or desktops.


While some consumers may feel that Atlas is a Fontaine-esque infringement on privacy, Facebook reassures advertisers that the information of individuals seeing the ads will always remain locked out of site and kept secret from advertisers. Ad retargeting has been a viable internet marketing strategy for years, so it is unlikely to be going away any time soon.


Facebook Ads Are a Great Branding Opportunity


It is worth noting that Atlas is NOT limited to the confines of Facebook's domain, but is rather an internet-wide advertising tool that Facebook owns. These ads are unlikely to appear on Facebook itself. For those who want to stick with traditional Facebook advertising, there are still several options that can greatly benefit your business. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness because they reach as many people (or more) than radio or television, are not limited by geographical barriers, have sophisticated targeting technology and have the cheapest cost per ad impression. This char from Moz shows how much it costs to reach a thousand people through traditional advertising outlets.


fb stats


According to Facebook's newsroom, the social media giant has:


  • 829 million daily active users on average in June 2014
  • 654 million mobile daily active users on average in June 2014
  • 32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014
  • 07 billion mobile monthly active users as of June 30, 2014
  • Approximately 81.7% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

There are 1.32 billion reasons to run Facebook ads, and it is important to spread the word about your brand to as many of them as possible. In order for people to purchase something from your business, they must first know about your business and trust your brand. Facebook allows you to give your brand a personality and reputability, while Facebook ads allow you to reach the people who need to hear about your brand the most.


Sophisticated Targeting Options

After you define what your ideal customer looks like, you can create a Facebook ad campaign that reaches that type of person. With the right targeting, you can get more qualified leads that are more likely to engage with your brand online and offline. If, for example, you want to sell a product to people in a certain city or of a certain profession, you can create a niche audience to advertise to, thus saving you money and time.


Affordable Advertising Options

With a budget as low as $150 per month, you can attract more visitors to your website, increase engagements on your best posts, promote your event or share your video. There are many types of Facebook ads that can be leveraged to boost your business' credibility online and improve your internet marketing strategy.


As we stated in August, all small businesses should be taking advantage of social media marketing in some capacity. For those businesses with smaller budgets or limited time, Facebook ads are an easy way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.


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Does your company prioritize social media marketing? If not, you should. For more information about the all-changing state of the internet marketing landscape, download our free eBook, Internet Marketing Trends 2014.

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