Small Biz Reality Check in a Minute’s Worth of Internet Data

Next time you’re tempted to take a shortcut in your internet marketing, remind yourself of this.

From blog posts and emails, to videos and search engine optimization, your small business cannot afford your online presence to be anything less than stand-out stellar.

The thing is, you know internet users are experiencing information overload. The competition is unfathomable. That is until you break it down into a smaller increment you can actually (come close to) wrapping your head around.

To that end, there is an impressive infographic making the rounds showing various internet activity – not over the course of a day, or even an hour, but in 1 minute.

Every 60 seconds, there are:

– 2.66 million Google searches
– 70 new domains registered
– 571 new websites published
– 1,800 new WordPress posts
– Over 5 million videos watched
– 138.8 million emails sent
– 293,000 Facebook updates
– 3,400 pins on Pinterest
– 67,000 photos uploaded to Instagram
– 433,000 tweets

The takeaway?

1) Make all those Google searches count by making every effort to show up in search results, via both organic and paid SEO (e.g., pay-per-click). Yes, you need both.

2) Give your business an edge on the competition with a professional website design that is both user and search engine friendly. Remember to take into account the growing use of mobile, thus the ever-increasing importance of responsive design.

3) Develop quality content for your blog, creating the kind of quality posts that are a cut above the rest; the kind that get shared and help build your brand.

4) Invest in video. This wildly-effective promotional tool will attract visitors to your site when shared via social media. Be sure to post it on your website too, as this will keep visitors there longer and dramatically increase conversion rates.

5) Build and utilize your email list. If it’s been neglected, give your email marketing the attention it deserves via a regular monthly newsletter and proactive means of growing your list, from asking for subscribers via social media, to including a simple sign-up box on your site.

6) Take your social networking to the next level. There’s more to social media than status updates that are just a quick copy-and-paste job. Use that valuable real estate to comment on whatever link you’re sharing, whether it’s a link to your website or a reshare of someone else’s post.

Do you need help with your internet marketing strategy?

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