Shopping Cart Solutions: What to Look for in an Ecommerce System

If you plan to conduct a significant amount of sales online, it's crucial to perfect the design of your website's ecommerce system. An outdated, complicated or, worst of all, insecure shopping cart can frustrate and turn off even interested customers. Maximize your online sales with a smartly designed ecommerce system that incorporates the following factors:

1) Security

First and foremost, your shopping cart should be secure. Online identity theft is a serious concern, and customers simply won't put in their information anywhere that seems unsafe. Your system should have measures in place to protect sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers from potential thieves. Furthermore, these measures should work across all Internet browsers.

2) Professional Web Design

In short, your shopping cart should showcase your offerings in their best light. Products and/or services should be presented with eye-catching images and text descriptions that effectively convince customers to make a purchase. Moreover, professional-looking web design can go a long way in conveying security. Even a completely secure site that looks outdated may deter potential customers.

3) User-Friendliness

Shopping carts should be quick and easy for customers to use. Browsing should be simple, and the checkout process should be fairly intuitive and hassle-free. Over-complicated systems take longer to navigate which can dissuade even interested customers.

4) Manageability

The right ecommerce system should be adaptable to your business. It should be easy to add and remove products, change product descriptions and make other updates your online store as needed. If your online storefront is consistently out-of-date, customers will take notice as well as their business elsewhere.

If you have an ecommerce system in place, we recommend adding a data feed through your Google Merchant account, if you haven't already. With a data feed, you can easily list your products on Google Products Search to help your products get significantly more exposure.

Also, if you're looking for a simple payment platform, consider Google Checkout. Cheaper than PayPal and simple to use, Google Checkout offers fraud protection and a purchase tracking system. Moreover, if you have a PPC ad, your Google Checkout will show up in PPC results, helping to increase conversions among Google account holders. We can assist you with setting up Google Merchant data feed or Google Checkout accounts to help make your website's ecommerce system more effective.

If you're considering adding or redesigning your ecommerce system, CyberMark can help. Our web development staff can design and build secure, sleek-looking shopping carts that are simple to use and manage to your specifications. We even offer reliable ecommerce hosting to ensure that your shopping cart experiences minimal downtime. Get in touch with us to find out more about your options.

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