Mobile SEO: Optimizing for Smartphones and Feature Phones

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Recently, Google released a set of guidelines for mobile SEO, including details on how to optimize for feature phones in addition to smartphones. With the skyrocketing popularity of smartphones, many may think, “Why would anyone need feature phone traffic now that everyone has a smartphone?” While smartphone ownership is at an all-time high, still only about half of all mobile users in the United States own smartphones, while the other half are feature phone users.

With 50% of the mobile phone market still using feature phones, it's important to remember this when designing and writing SEO for your mobile sites. For example, the world's most popular mobile browser is the Opera Mini. With more than 166 million Opera mini users, it makes up over 20% of the total global market. What makes Opera Mini different is that while it does have support for media queries in its current version, it doesn't have the same support in previous versions. Therefore, if you are looking to optimize your mobile site for most feature phone users, it's important to not use responsive Web design, opting instead for mobile content that uses either dynamic serving or separate URLs.

While it is enticing to optimize your mobile site for smartphones with responsive Web design, at this point in time, it doesn't make much sense if it won't work for half of your potential users. By using dynamic serving or separate URLs you can ensure that your site is optimized for both smartphone and feature phone users. Google has released a set of guidelines that give great tips on how you can begin optimizing feature phone traffic to your site.

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