Google Places Separates and Categorizes Reviews

Today, Google unveiled a redesign to its Place Pages, local search profiles linked to Google Maps. In the newly designed Place Pages, Google user reviews and reviews from third-party websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor are displayed separately. Reviews from third-party websites, indicated with a favicon, are displayed in a section titled “Reviews from around the web.” As an example, here's the Place Page for Green Restaurant in Scottsdale:

google place pages reviews


On its LatLong blog, Google says this about its new Reviews from around the web section: “This section highlights reviews from a variety of sources, and helps you identify the sites that have high-quality, relevant information about a particular place. In many cases, this newly formatted section also provides a quick summary of what you can expect to see, including the number of reviews from each source and the average star rating that reviewers on that site gave a place.”

Google goes on to say, “We hope these changes to the way reviews are organized help you discover the most useful information about the places you care about from a diverse set of sources and voices.”

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