CyberMark Recommends Google Commerce Search

The search is a critical part of any shopping process. And if you conduct sales online, you know how vital it is for customers to be able to find your products quickly and effectively. By adding a search box to your website, you make it simpler for customers to find exactly what they're looking for, which can result in higher conversions. In fact, according to, customers who use ecommerce search boxes convert at three times the rate of customers who are simply browsing.

Last year, Google introduced Google Commerce Search, a hosted search solution for ecommerce solutions. Powered by the ever-nimble Google Search, Google Commerce Search produces relevant search results in no time. For a fast, efficient and intuitive search solution, we at CyberMark recommend adding Google Commerce Search to your ecommerce website.

Google Commerce Search offers a wealth of benefits for a convenient, user-friendly online shopping experience, including:

• Powerful Google Search technology – Google Commerce Search offers the speed, search quality and advanced auto-completion features of Google Search for fast, relevant and intuitive searches.

• Scalability – Google Commerce Search can grow as your business grows.

• User-friendly Merchandising Dashboard – Easily define and customize search criteria, including price, product categories and sub-categories, brands, promotions and more.

• Instant updates – Because Google Commerce Search is a hosted platform, product updates and new features are added automatically – no downloading or installing necessary.

• Advanced reporting and analytics – Gain insights into the performance of your online store by viewing custom reports generated by Google Analytics.

CyberMark can integrate and customize Google Commerce Search into your ecommerce system. For this service, CyberMark charges a one-time set-up fee and a monthly upkeep fee based on how many products your system will accommodate.

Google Commerce Search can not only improve the shopping experience of your online store but help boost your sales. To get started with Google Commerce Search, contact us for more details.

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