Consumers Spend Approximately 20-30% of Time Online on Social Media

According to a recent Nielsen study, consumers spend more time on social networks than any other category of websites, with an average 37 percent increase over the past year. PC users spend approximately 20 percent of their online time on social networks, while mobile users typically spend about 30 percent. PCs are still the most popular way to access social media, although mobile apps and mobile access on the whole has risen 63 percent in 2012.

Currently, Facebook dominates the social scene as the most-visited social network in the United States, with Blogger and Twitter coming in at second and third.

Consumer attitudes toward social media marketing are continuing to evolve every day. While roughly a third of social media users find ads on social networking sites to be irritating, the research suggests there are opportunities for marketers to engaging with consumers through social media.

Those in charge of ads at Facebook are well aware of the delicate balance between a user-friendly experience and overbearing advertising. They have said that they are carefully testing and monitoring user engagement and sentiment towards ads.

Overall, Nielsen's report shows that consumers' tolerance to advertising on social networks is increasing, which is great news for businesses eager to break into the buzzing world of social media. If you're looking to branch out into the world of social media marketing, contact CyberMark International today for a free initial consultation. Call us at .

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