Your Internet Marketing Campaign: How Do You Know It’s Working?

If you’re going to invest in an ongoing internet marketing campaign each month (as every business should), then you need proof that it’s working. For instance, CyberMark provides its clients with:

· Rank reports showing that client is ranked higher in the search engines after a search engine optimization campaign than before it started

· Log files or Google Analytics showing that traffic has increased

· Reports on how many people clicked, received an email or converted (this data is not available for organic SEO)

· Reports on where and when posts have been made on social media websites so as to verify the work

Of course, as with any form of offline or online advertising – be it a magazine ad, yellow page listing or tv ad – internet marketing comes with no guaranteed results, and you should be leery of any internet marketing company that tells you otherwise.

The smartest thing a website owner can do before hiring an internet marketing company is to call references and ask to see examples of their work. How long they've been in business should also be considered. Finally, where does this internet marketing company rank for their main keyword terms? After all, if the people you hire are not ranking well for their own business, chances are slim they'll be able to generate any better results for you.

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