Why You Should Not be Googling Your Business to See Your Ads

The Pitfalls of Searching for Your Own Ads: Why CyberMark Advises Against It

Google continues to be a vital resource for businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility through advertising. However, once businesses have their Google Ads account set up by the marketing experts at CyberMark, some owners may be tempted to search for their own ads on Google. While this inclination is understandable, there are several compelling reasons why we strongly advise against doing so. In this article, we will explore the potential drawbacks and risks of searching for your own ads and why doing so can be harmful to your digital marketing efforts.

But don’t stress, we’ll give you insight into how to view your ads if you are just curious or if want to show your friends and family that you’re internet famous!

Let’s explore a few of the reasons why business leaders should avoid making this mistake: 

1. Compromises Your Click-Through Rate

A crucial factor in the success of Google Ads is the click-through rate (CTR), which measures the ratio of ad clicks to impressions. When you search for your own ads without clicking on them, each impression is factored into the CTR, causing the rate to decline. This decline can negatively impact the overall performance of your digital marketing campaign.

2. Damages Your Quality Score

The quality score of your keywords is determined by various factors, including the relevance of your ad and the user’s experience on your landing page. The click-through rate of your ad also plays a significant role in determining the quality score. If you search for your keywords but refrain from clicking on the ad, the click-through rate decreases, subsequently lowering the quality score for those keywords. A low-quality score can lead to reduced ad visibility and higher costs per click, ultimately affecting your budget and campaign results.

3. Hurts Your Ad Relevance

When your ad receives multiple impressions but fails to generate clicks, Google may interpret this as a lack of relevance between the keywords and your ad or target audience. Consequently, Google may stop displaying your ads for those keywords altogether. Additionally, if you repeatedly search for a keyword and consistently ignore your ad, Google might perceive it as malicious behavior, further hampering your ad’s visibility.

4. Don’t Click On Your Ads, Either

While avoiding searching for your own ads is crucial, it’s equally important not to click on your ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising means that you are charged for each click on your ads, regardless of whether it’s from you or a prospective client. Clicking on your ads not only depletes your budget but can also increase your bounce rate, which negatively impacts your ad’s visibility in Google searches.

To sum it up, if you want to ensure tip-top performance of your campaigns, you should avoid searching for your own ads as it can impact your costs, and your reach and limit the campaign’s overall success.

But, as mentioned above, if you are insanely curious and want to view your ads or you want to view your ads to share with your team as a way of celebrating your business’s future growth, we will provide the best way to do just that!

How to See Your Ads on Google and Avoid Negative Impacts:

Now that you have a better understanding of why we steer clear of Googling ourselves, let’s discuss a few options that would allow you to view your ads without any fallout.

If you are technically savvy and have knowledge of the Google Ad Platform, you can use Google’s Ad Preview tool. This way you can see how your ad appears to searchers without impacting search performance.

Keep in mind, there may be valid reasons your ad is not showing in the preview tool, in that case, don’t stress, simply email our team for guidance.

Alternatively, on your next performance review call, ask for a walk-through on how you can use Google’s Ad Preview tool so you may view your ads whenever you like. These are just two of the options you have to view ads running for your business, but both of these options provide risk-free solutions which is a win-win!

To summarize, we know that Google’s Pay Per Click advertising can be highly effective in attracting customers and driving web traffic.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential impact of Googling your own ads.

Google’s Ad Management Platform is highly complex and is continually collecting and utilizing data captured to guide the direction of the campaigns, influence the rank of your website, the visibility of your Google Business Profile, and much more.

When working with CyberMark, as a trusted digital marketing agency, our team eats, sleeps, and breathes digital marketing, and as a result, can provide expert guidance on your PPC strategy, your Meta Advertising strategy, Search Engine Optimization strategy, and much more.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about our hands-on approach to managing your digital marketing strategy!


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