Transforming The Client Experience

In the spirit of powering growth and improving the client experience, we have an exciting announcement for our loyal CyberMark clients. We are thrilled to be launching our CyberMark Client Success Center!

Our new Client Success Center will be your one-stop shop for all your CyberMark digital marketing support needs. You will be granted access to your very own client portal where you can make requests for various projects, technical and marketing support, and add-on new services in one user-friendly space.

This new addition will help streamline processes, centralize communication, and provide you with more responsive support. The Client Success Center is part of our ongoing mission to empower your business with the digital marketing tools needed to succeed online.

The Client Portal

The client portal gives you unparalleled visibility and communication on all your CyberMark services. You can reach out to specialists, see open projects, and find tickets in one central location. Whether you have multiple ongoing services or are searching for that one-time project, you can find everything you need in the Client Success Center. Let’s break down what the Client Success Center means, how it benefits you, and how to navigate this exciting new platform.


Submitting requests (we’ll tell you what a request is in just a sec) is easier than ever with CyberMark’s Client Success Center. Franchise brands can request onboarding projects for new locations, franchise locations can request add-on services with the push of a button, and all our clients can submit tickets with ease.

You can also make these requests directly from the franchise platform. The easy two-step process is simple and efficient. You choose which type of request you want to submit, fill out a form, and you’re done!

CyberMark will receive the submission, get started on a scope if necessary, and get back to you with any additional information or steps needed to complete your request.

Status Check

Another exciting feature of the Client Success Center Portal is the ability to see the progress of your request in real-time. You can view all your projects, active retainers, and tickets from your client portal and see the status in real-time.

This means you’ll know when a project has been started, if it’s been paused, where we’re at in the scoping process, and more.


Communication is another huge benefit of the client success center. While you can still use your favorite email platform, CyberMark’s Client Success Center helps you keep track of CyberMark.

So, you don’t have to dig through the ever-growing amount of junk emails that accumulate overnight to try and find our last communication anymore. Instead, you can find all your CyberMark communication about tickets, projects, and ongoing services in your user-friendly client portal.

Behind The Scenes

There are plenty of moving pieces when it comes to providing top-notch services and we are continually reviewing how we can improve efficiency while still providing the level of service you expect when working with CyberMark. With the new Client Success Center, our team will benefit from an up-to-date CRM to help us better engage with our clients and their needs. We’re improving our processes inside and out.


Efficiency is a key component of a successful project timeline. That’s why we’re creating automated workflows to create a more efficient process for both our clients and specialists. This means we can spend less time planning and more time doing.

From scope to completion, we’re successfully streamlining the process on our side so we can provide you with an improved client experience.


No more wondering if your ticket made it to our support inbox. You’ll now receive automated messages letting you know the moment your ticket was received.

You’ll also be able to see every ticket you submit and their status directly from your client portal.

Ongoing Services

Aside from one-time projects and support, any communication about ongoing services can be managed from one place. This helps streamline the communication process and increases visibility between teams.

This will make the internal process more efficient as each team member will be up to date on the latest communication on your brand’s services. This increased transparency between teams will also help us give you the most accurate information on where our team is with your latest ad campaign or SEO project.

Growth For the Future

This is just the starting point related to our goal of improving the client experience as we work to elevate your business in today’s digital landscape. From introducing the new client success center to streamlining internal processes, we’re always looking ahead to provide you with the necessary tools and expertise so that you can succeed online. Cheers to the future growth and development of your growing business.

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