The Top 5 Latest Changes to Google Analytics

shutterstock_82699909If there is one area of web marketing that is important to understanding what works and what doesn't, it is analytics. Even for those who pay attention to their analytics, it's common to just leave everything on the default settings and only pay attention to the basics without thinking about how to delve deeper and gain a greater understanding of what's going on.

Many of the latest changes to Google Analytics can lead to a more effective and accurate use of your metrics, as well as saving you time and energy trying to determine what your data means. Here are the top five latest changes that can be most beneficial for you:

  1. Enhanced Link Attribution

One of the most common complaints that come up with Google Analytics regarding the fact that you might have two links on your page that lead to the same place, but you can't be sure which gets the most clicks. With the new Enhanced Link Attribution option, you will be able to tell which link is more valuable.

  1. Change History

The new Change History update allows you to view your complete account history by visiting your Settings. Once there, you will be able to see the date and time of your activity, which analytics user performed which activity, and what activity was performed.

  1. Tag Manager

This new tool lets you organize all of the various tracking tags you have into one piece of JavaScript code. With this new change, you are free to create new tags and manage existing tags in one user-friendly interface.

  1. Custom Dashboards

With recent changes, customizing your Dashboard is much easier. You can decide which reports go where on your Dashboard and how they will be displayed. There are also a variety of user-friendly widgets that you can add to make the data more meaningful.

  1. Link your Webmaster Tools to Analytics

While this has always been possible, few people seem to take advantage of tying these two accounts together. Doing this gives you detailed statistical info that Google typically only gives to webmasters and makes it actionable once combined with your Analytics account.

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