Small Business SEO Services to Outrank the Competition!

Small business SEO can be hard for some small business owners. You already work hard to build your business from the ground up. It’s time for your website to flourish and get you the leads and traffic you deserve. With Small business SEO services, your website will become optimized for search engines to become more visible to people searching for you or your services. This “blog” will help you get the most out of local search by optimizing your pages and using social media and other platforms to build your online presence.

Why Choose SEO for Small Businesses?

A majority of small businesses might not think of SEO as a valid method to drive business, but they are missing out. A well-maintained SEO strategy is what can take your small business to the next level, not just in your local community but also beyond your immediate area.

In real estate they say location is everything- this also applies to SEO.  Your rankings and online presence take up screen real estate. With poor screen real estate (low amount of presence + low rankings) your business will have a much harder time ranking and showing up for potential customers.

Like many of our clients, CyberMark is a small business and we are very familiar with all types of situations this presents. Our small business SEO services come in many different tiers to meet whatever the needs and budget of your business are.

How Will Local SEO Help My Small Business?

On a large scale, SEO can help you compete with big brands across the entire internet. On the other side of the scale, Google searches with local intent provide narrowed down results largely based on products or services near you.  When the pool of competition has gotten smaller – it’s easier to beat. Optimizing for searches with local intent help your business compete with other local businesses.

When you work with an SEO Marketing Agency like CyberMark, we make sure your website and all other parts of your online presence are properly maintained to give you the traffic your business deserves.

It’s one thing to know who your competitors are but quite another to be able to outrank them. This is where CyberMark comes into play. When you select our SEO services, we look at who your competitors are and how to beat them. We find out what your competitors are doing and do it better. From keywords they are ranking for to pages they have on their website or other structural website elements; we analyze the entire web presence to make sure you start to outrank your competitors.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses:

Local Listing Management for Small Businesses:

One of the most basic forms of local SEO is managing local listings. Google My Business, Yelp, and Foursquare are all frequently used platforms that help boost your local search presence. They contain extremely important information such as name, address, phone number, photos, and reviews. When all of these local listings correctly and consistently provide your business information the more online presence your business will have and the more customers you will capture.

You might be thinking ok great – when will I ever have time to find all these listings, claim them, update them, and maintain them? This is where we help! Our OLP package provides you with all of the local listing services your business needs to have a strong online presence.

With our online presence package, we act as a single source to ensure your information remains consistent over all of the local listing platforms. From the name, address, and phone number to imagery and brand voice we make sure your listings meet all of your brand standards.

Content Optimization for Small Business SEO

One of the most important SEO aspects of a website is optimizing content. Google loves content, the more the better. There is a catch though. All of the content on your site has to be laid out in a structured and intentional manner for it to benefit your rankings.

As a small business owner, it can be a lot of work to continually generate content and track the performance of pages and keywords. While some software like Google Analytics and Google Search Console is free, there are more platforms needed to perform audits, track keywords, and perform more research that is not free.

One of the best ways to build on your small business SEO is to hire a digital marketing agency to perform regular work and analysis to keep your website working for you. At CyberMark look at competitors in your industry to see what they are performing well for and identify gaps in the content on your site so you outrank them. We maintain your brand voice to fill in any content gaps and generate authority for your site.

At CyberMark we do all of the following small business SEO services:

  • Create new pages
  • Optimize and update existing pages
  • Track and update keywords regularly

Build on Local SEO with Social Media Management

Regularly updating your social media does wonders for your brand and local SEO strategy. The larger your social media presence is, the more likely a customer will discover your brand vs a competitor.

Just like with website SEO, content is king. The higher the quality of social media the higher your engagement will be on your social networks. With regular posting, your business starts to develop brand awareness. This is further enhanced by consistent voice and branding elements. Once you have built this brand awareness, sharing content from your website and linking back to your website is a great practice to boost your website SEO.

CyberMark’s social media services are a natural extension of SEO and help maximize your online presence. We help small businesses manage their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. We curate posts specific to each social network to get you the right traffic.

Fixing technical SEO issues

Technical optimizations can be one of the trickier facets of local SEO. At CyberMark we give your small business the triple threat to give you the best local SEO rankings. A fast, secure, and mobile-friendly website is key to boost your business’s website traffic. To make sure this happens, we use auditing software that regularly checks your site to determine any areas of opportunity.

Even if you have a beautifully designed website, that isn’t enough. You could have the best looking site with the best branding, content, or services but if there are technical problems it will most likely hurt your rankings and traffic.  We use auditing software and technical know-how to get your site to meet all of Google’s SEO standards.

Contact CyberMark for Your Small Business SEO

It takes a small business to know a small business. With the high importance of local SEO, there’s no better time than the present to start improving your rankings.

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