Search Drives Traffic but Email Drives Conversions

shutterstock_107139338While search and social have long been thought of as the dynamic duo in internet marketing, a new report shows that email is now the biggest driver of conversions. After analyzing more than 500 million shopping experienced, the study found that the conversion rate for email marketing was more than 3%, while search came in just under 2% and social under 1%. Additionally, the report showed that email rivaled search as a top referrer leading to the most page views.

This study shows that while search engine optimization and social media remain crucial for driving traffic, email marketing is certainly an area that deserves its fair share of attention.

What makes email marketing so effective is that it's all about segmentation and personalized messaging. Focus on delivering a relevant message that will be worth your potential customers' time is crucial to your success in this area.

One of the biggest missteps a company can make is running their email program on autopilot without much thought to what people will see. Since this is an area with so much opportunity, responsible for generating nearly twice as much direct traffic and four times the conversion rate of social media, it requires a lot of care.

While email marketing is certainly not something that should take the place of search engine optimization, it can make a perfect companion for your SEO efforts. For more information on email marketing and search engine optimization, contact CyberMark International today. With nearly two decades of experience in helping businesses' websites rank higher in the search engines, we can help you! Call us today at for a free website evaluation.

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