Regional SEO: Capturing Your Local Market

In this tough economy, every business needs to be stepping up their game and that means taking advantage of every SEO strategy we’ve got. One of these strategies that is all too often overlooked is regional search engine optimization.

Regional SEO involves submitting your website to the local listings of the major search engines. Let’s say you own a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. If you effectively optimize your site with regional SEO, then every time someone Google’s Phoenix Mexican restaurant, you’ll rank high in the local listings.

“Local business results” are those that appear just above the regular search results on the page. For “Phoenix Mexican restaurants” the local results turn up more than 6,400 results! So simply submitting your site to the local listings is not enough – you need your site to be keyword-optimized relative to the local listings you’re trying to rank high for.

Best of all, Google local listings are free!

Keep in mind that regional search engine optimization in no way affects your national or international search engine optimization. Though ranking high worldwide for Phoenix Mexican restaurants may not be a priority, it most certainly is if you own an internet-based company with products or services that have national or international appeal.

This strategy is especially relevant in today’s marketplace, as a questionable economy typically means people are looking for products and services closer to home. Make the most of this opportunity – at a time when they’re too few and far between.

Consumers in your community are looking for you. Make it easy with regional SEO.

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