Targeting Men with Online Marketing Content

Having a firm grasp of your target audience will help your business create a more successful marketing strategy. You can use demographics, such as those relating to gender, to help answer the following questions:

  • What type of content will your business create?
  • Where will your business profit most from advertising?
  • What types of sites are worth your time and money?

In the previous blog post, CyberMark offered some helpful tips for marketing towards women. This blog post will explore some marketing tactics that are geared towards grabbing men's attention.


Give Them the Facts

Men are looking for specifics. They want product details upfront. Whilst women prefer browsing, men want details as quickly as possible; they are looking for in-depth information from multiple credible sources. If you are marketing to men, you will need to make sure that your product and service specifications are available online, and that they can be easily found.

Show Off

Highlight your awards and accolades. Men are looking to see what your company has accomplished. Customarily, men think in terms of hierarchy, and are therefore looking for products or services that are more superior than others. This same principle can be used when advertising to men. Communicate to your male audience that using or having your product or service is the best. Many men are competitive by nature. Successful business owners can capitalize on this principle and incorporate it into their online marketing strategy. Depict your product or service as “winning.”

Make It Easy

It is a common stereotype that men hate shopping, but this is not necessarily true: Men just have a different technique for shopping than women. According to recent studies, men prefer to shop online instead of in-person. In fact, men's online shopping now surpasses women's. What does this mean for marketers? If your target demographic is male, they need to have easy access to your products online. They are looking to shop online and then make their purchase online.

Furthermore, make it mobile. Men are more likely to use smartphones for their online shopping. Make sure that your website is mobile user-friendly.

For more information about marketing to your target demographic, contact CyberMark International today.

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