Is YouTube Right for Your Company?


You are all probably familiar with YouTube. The popular media-based website allows users to upload, view and share video content. Most small businesses can recognize the marketing potential that YouTube offers. With more than a billion unique users each month, YouTube has the ability to capture a huge amount of attention, as well as bringing an immense volume of traffic to your site.

The Best Ways to Use YouTube

Each business needs to find their own unique approach to harnessing the power of YouTube. Video production can be a large expenditure for many small businesses. But when executed properly, a great YouTube campaign can have great ROI. At CyberMark, we recommend a focused approach.

  • For Advertising

Many use YouTube as a less expensive alternative to TV commercials. In some instances it can actually be more effective than television advertising. For adults aged between 18-34, YouTube reaches more people than cable networks do.

  • For Information

Many small businesses choose to use YouTube as a means to connect with online audiences. This can help build trust, especially if your company utilizes YouTube as a way to engage, educate and inform. Creating videos with helpful tips, knowledgeable demonstrations or practical guides can help your company increase online exposure.

  • For Credibility

Online audiences are looking for credibility from any business. Many small companies have successfully used video testimonials as a way to demonstrate their business's capabilities.

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

If your business is considering using YouTube to connect with online audiences, it is important that you optimize your videos. You want to make sure that the content you are creating can be easily found online. CyberMark International has years of expertise with online video optimization.

Going Viral

For more information about YouTube strategy and our online video optimization services, please contact CyberMark today. The majority of business owners are probably aware of the concept of “going viral.” Having a viral video is like winning the online lottery. However, creating a video that has the potential to go viral requires a great deal of preparation and, oftentimes, it is a gamble – to grab people’s attention, business owners must take risks. Although the competition is stiff, it can be hugely beneficial for many small companies.

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