Internet Marketing for Law Firms

Law Firm Marketing

Just like any other business, when it comes to running a successful law firm, the key to success is finding a steady stream of people who will pay for your services. More commonly a lot of people are turning to the internet to do research on potential attorneys before choosing one to hire. This makes it especially important for any attorney who wants to build their client list to establish an online presence.

Social Media

One of the ways which many attorneys and law firms are building their online presence is by using Twitter. While law is a serious business, and the idea of “tweeting” may seem silly to some, Twitter can be a powerful tool for attorneys to establish trust, authority and credibility. Your goal should be to establish yourself as an authority in your particular area of law, so you will want to make sure that most of your tweets are relevant to this area. Whether it’s sharing an interesting link, commenting on a particular topic or recent news, or sharing a blog post, the most important thing is keeping your content relevant and current.

With all social networking sites, it is best to be careful about what you share as far as experiences with past or current clients. Make sure that anything you do post regarding a case respects the anonymity of the client as well as the opposing counsel and their client.


Many law firm websites are fairly basic and generic when it comes to layout and content. Therefore, a well-designed website that’s full of high quality information presents a wonderful opportunity to stand above the competition and get new business. By making your website a resource for your area of law, the exact people who are in need of your services will be directed to your site.

Some of the best ways to create content are by developing FAQ pages that deal with the most commonly asked legal questions you encounter. You can use these pages to provide information on typical problems or even misperceptions in your area of law. It can also be incredibly helpful for you to have a blog built into your website to allow for a steady stream of new content.


If you are not currently listed in any online directories, you are missing out on a great way to get your firm in front of potential clients. Typically, when people do searches for legal queries, these directories are the first pages to pop up at the top of the page. Directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle,, Bing Local,, and Avvo are great places to get listed and get noticed.

If you’re looking to build up your law firms online presence, CyberMark International can help get you off on the right foot. In addition to providing web design services, we also provide content writing and social media marketing services that can help you get noticed. For more information on the services we provide, or for a free quote, call us today at .

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