How to Create Special Offers Just for Facebook Fans

Looking to build your following on Facebook? One way to get more people to “like” your Facebook page is to offer incentives only available to your Facebook fans. How can I do this, you ask? Through FBML tabs (custom tabs programmed with HTML-like Facebook Mark-up Language), you can create exclusive content such as coupons, samples, events, sales and more that will only appear to those who follow you on Facebook.

With the FBML visible-to-connection and else tags, you can designate which content appears to non-fans and which content appears to fans. Here's an example of the tags in action with the Borders Facebook page. Before you like Borders on Facebook, this message appears:

After liking Borders, you gain access to the bookseller's weekly specials:

Here is an example of how to use the vision-to-connection and else tags in order to create conditional messages:


The truly mind-blowing things you will see if you like the page.

<fb:else>What you will see if you don't like the page (yet).<fb:else>


When designing the code, make sure to include in your message to any non-likers that they must like your page in order to access exclusive content. Just so there's no confusion, it might be wise to even include an arrow to the “Like” button at the top of the page.

A few words of warning: Facebook users must be logged in to view the exclusive content, meaning anyone who wants to see your Facebook specials must be a Facebook user. Also, exclusive content is viewable to anyone, page-liker or not, if they are savvy enough to read your page's source code.

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