Getting the Edge on Facebook’s EdgeRank

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, many brands focus on the size of their following, using the number of likes to indicate success (or lack thereof). However, with the advent of EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm for determining how prominently Facebook posts will appear in users’ Tops News feeds, it’s becoming more and more important for brands to focus on engaging their following as well in order to stay visible in the Facebook market. Basically, EdgeRank is a way to determine the SEO of your Facebook posts.

Facebook uses three factors to determine EdgeRank for a Facebook post:

  • Affinity – Based on how often a Facebook user interacts with a page through likes, comments, wall posts, etc.
  • Weight – Based on the level of interaction the post has elicited. For instance, commenting on a post takes considerably more effort than liking a post. Therefore, a Facebook post that elicits a lot of comments is likely to have a high page rank.
  • Time – The age of the post

These factors are multiplied to calculate an EdgeRank for the post. Essentially, the higher the EdgeRank, the more likely the post is to appear in the user’s Top News feed. Notably, number of followers is not included in EdgeRank. A Facebook page with a small but active following can have a higher EdgeRank than a Facebook page with a larger but less engaged following.

How do you check your Facebook Page’s EdgeRank? EdgeRank Checker is a great online tool for determining your Facebook Page’s average EdgeRank over a given amount of time. Along with your score, EdgeRank Checker also provides your best (and worst) days for fan interaction. Though it’s not a perfect tool, EdgeRank Checker does provide you with a general idea of your page’s typical EdgeRank to help you evaluate how visible your posts are to your following.

So, how do you increase a low EdgeRank? Here are a few ways you can improve your engagement to boost your visibility in the newsfeed:

  • Publish content that encourages discussion – Intriguing content beckons for comments from an interested public. Ask questions, play games, offer specials and giveaways – these are all ways you can engage your following.
  • Respond to followers in a timely matter – When Facebook users comment to your Facebook posts or post on wall, it’s important to respond as quickly as possible to encourage further interaction.
  • Add photos and videos – Visuals and other multimedia posts are generally more engaging to Facebook users than simple text posts. Look for quality images and videos that represent your brand.
  • Cut out the automation – Automatically publishing content through third-party applications such as NetworkedBlogs or Social RSS may save you time, but automation is practically a guarantee that your content will be stricken from the Top News feed. Posting manually or directly to the page is the best way to help ensure a higher EdgeRank.
  • Encourage users to like your posts – Fact is, not every Facebook user checking out your content is savvy enough to know to click like if they enjoyed reading a post. To help your page gain momentum, encourage likes from followers by running contests that rewards users for liking your content or simply asking them to like your posts.

In short, the trick to improving your EdgeRank lies in finding ways to genuinely interact with your fans. At CyberMark, we can help you develop a content strategy that will not only build your following but encourage interaction as well. Contact us to find out more.

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