FAQs Provide More than Answers

Having a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website is a handy way to cover oft-asked questions about your products, services, company history or anything else customers might wonder about your business. With FAQs, you can go in-depth about certain aspects of your business to provide clarification for the customer. But in addition to answering burning questions, FAQs present you with a valuable opportunity to enhance your SEO.

When writing an answer to an FAQ, you can guarantee that it will be read by a larger audience by including keyword phrases that you’d like to target in your answers. Crafting your FAQs to include oft-used keyword phrases will help direct more traffic to your site.

For instance, say you own a specialty cheese shop in Phoenix. One of your FAQs might be “What kind of bleu cheeses do you carry?” In addition to listing the types of bleu cheeses carried in your shop, you can also write about popular uses for bleu cheese using related popular search terms such as “bleu cheese dressing,” “bleu cheese pasta” or “bleu cheese recipe.” You can also highlight the fact that you ship cheese around the world by including phrases such as “buy cheese online” or appeal to local audiences with phrases such as “Phoenix cheese shop.”

At CyberMark, we can help you create keyword-rich FAQ pages that draw more visitors in addition to answering questions. Contact us to find out more.

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