11 Solid Ideas for Website Video Production

The more transparent you can make your business practices, the more people are going to trust you. Thus, the benefit of video tours, just one of 11 ideas for your website's video production. The more transparent you can make your business practices, the more people are going to trust you. Thus, the benefit of video tours, just one of 11 ideas for your website’s video production.

Did you know that if someone watches a video on your website, they have more than a 400 percent conversion rate over those who don’t? Bottom line, your website needs video, especially since your competitors are increasingly incorporating them into their own internet marketing campaigns. Wondering where to start with your website’s video production? Here are 11 solid ideas to get the juices flowing.

1) Demos

Whatever your product or service, there’s a way to make it the star of the show. Some video demonstrations will be more obvious than others, like for cooking, cleaning, and beauty products. Others, though, will require a little more brainstorming, particularly if you’re in a service industry.

A restaurant may feature video of the chef making one of his signature dishes. A landscaping company may feature time-lapsed video of landscapers putting a yard together. A realtor may feature video of the care they take staging and showing a home.

2) How-To

While your product or service may be featured in the video, the how-to is more about teaching a lesson relative to your industry rather than any overt promotion of one of your products or services.

An interior designer may show how to feng shui a living room. A doctor’s office may show how to make a low-cholesterol, low-sodium meal. A clothing store may show the latest trends in coordinating outfits and accessorizing.

3) Interviews

One of the best ways of introducing website visitors to your business is to introduce them to the people who make it happen. An interview may feature your company’s president and founder, with questions focused on what inspired the business, milestones, and plans for the future. Or consider a series of interviews with employees who have been with the company for years, with questions focused on what they like most about the company and some of their favorite experiences there.

4) Company Talk Show

This video option takes interviews to the next level, featuring a regular host of your company’s own talk show. There is probably someone already on staff who can fill this role. In every episode — be it monthly or weekly — your host welcomes a guest who shares insight into some topic relative to your industry. Guests should include your president and other members of your staff, as well as other (non-competitor) experts in the field.

5) Tours

The more transparent you can make your business practices, the more people are going to trust you. Thus, the benefit of video tours. This is a particularly effective tool for manufacturers, as they can showcase the facilities where products get made. And it’s a given for the hotel and bed-and-breakfast industry, in which travelers want to see exactly what to expect when they get there.

6) Behind-the-Scenes

This video option takes tours to the next level, focusing on the human side of things. Done right, corporations can really use this one to their advantage, showcasing the personality of employees on the job and, in turn, the personality of your business.

7) Testimonials

The only thing better than a positive review from a customer or client is one that’s caught on video. Reach out to your most loyal supporters and ask if they would be interested in appearing in a video testimonial. You may edit them together as one cohesive piece, or you may find one testimonial is strong and long enough to stand on its own.

8) Live Q&A / Round Table Discussions

Online and off, members of your staff may already participate in Q&A sessions or round table discussion. Make it a point of recording these. Of course, members of other businesses may also be involved in these events, and they’re likely too lengthy for an effective website video, so plan on editing.

9) Webinars

In and of themselves, webinars are a great way of taking your internet marketing to the next level. But they need not be a one-shot deal. Webinar video can and should be shared after the fact, perhaps prominently on your website.

10) Special Events

This one’s ready-made for video content. If your business hosts or attends special events, consider hiring a professional videographer to cover it for you. There’s no telling what wonderful experiences and interactions they’ll capture to produce (with some creative editing) one of the most dynamic of video options.

11) Company Overview

Think of this one as a video brochure for your business. You can get as creative as you like with it, incorporating pieces from any one of the other video options listed above.

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