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4 SEO Metrics that Matter for your Small Business

Brittany WestMarch 20, 2015search engine algorithms

When it comes to your website, we know there is a seemingly endless list of metrics available that can become distracting and confusing. From data sets regarding the demographics of your website traffic to reports on site referrals and traffic amounts, it is difficult for most small business owners to determine which sets of data Read More

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Don’t Let Your Website Go Down Due To a Missed ICANN Verification

Brittany WestMarch 18, 2015Web Hosting

Warning: Your website might be at risk! A recent change at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has put in place an email verification requirement for the owner contact listed with the domain’s registrar. This new rule states that when the owner contact data is updated (whether it be email address, physical address Read More

Starting April 21st, Websites Not Optimized for Mobile Devices Will Drop in Search Rankings

Is Your Mobile Website Prepared for This Major SEO Update?

Brittany WestMarch 9, 2015location-based services mobile marketing

Time is running out for websites that don’t have responsive design. A major change in Google’s search engine algorithm will affect worldwide mobile search results in all languages, having a significant impact on search traffic. Is your small business’ website equipped with responsive design for mobile devices? If not, here’s a big reason to fix it.  Read More

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What is Bounce Rate and How does it Affect Your Small Business

Brittany WestFebruary 26, 2015website traffic

What is Bounce Rate? In the world of internet marketing, there are plenty of terms that can be confusing. One of the terms most commonly confused is “bounce rate.” Bounce rate refers to the occurrence of a visitor who arrives on your site, views one page and then immediately leaves. Therefore, the bounce rate is Read More

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Small Business Website Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Brittany WestFebruary 20, 2015website design

Getting your website design wrong can be a costly and time-consuming affair that will cost you more than just the money to fix the site itself. You never get a second chance for a great first impression, so it is imperative that your website always looks its best. Here are some common mistakes to avoid Read More

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SEO Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Brittany WestFebruary 15, 2015search engine optimization

SEO strategies seem to change at the drop of a hat, but there are a few tips that will continue to ring true long into the future. Learn how to implement these SEO techniques that stand the test of time in our latest blog. Website owners are no stranger to changes in search engine algorithms. Read More

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What Does Conversion Rate Mean For My Small Business?

Brittany WestFebruary 10, 2015website design

When it comes to internet marketing, there is more to pay-per-click advertising than just running ads. You have probably heard of SEO, CTAs and CRMs, but many people underestimate the importance of another simple acronym: CRO. In this article, we will explain what CRO means and why it is so important for your small business. Read More

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Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Paid Search Advertising

Brittany WestFebruary 5, 2015pay per click advertising

What if there was a way to tell consumers about your business as soon as they begin searching for your type of product? What if you could position your business at the top of the search listings for your most important keywords and search queries? With paid search on Google, do these things and more.

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3 Ways to Generate More Small Business Leads Online

Brittany WestJanuary 30, 2015content marketing

Generating small business leads is no easy task, especially in this day and age. As consumers become savvier and look for more ways to get the best price possible, your business needs to be able to compete. Read on to learn marketing best practices to entice the right customers to flock to your business online and contact you. Read More

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Why Paid Search Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Brittany WestJanuary 26, 2015pay per click advertising

Should you invest your time, energy and money into organic SEO or PPC advertising? A good small business marketing strategy integrates both! Inbound marketing is about nurturing the customer through the journey to purchase. Paid search is a strategic element of that journey. Read on to learn more about how paid search grows your business. Read More