Three SEO Benefits of Internal Linking

Inbound marketing should be an important part of any website's search engine optimization. Each and every link to a web page helps boost the page rank of that web page, helping to have a higher showing in search results. External linking, or getting outside websites to link to your website, is crucial to building up page rank, but your linking strategy shouldn't end there. Your website can also benefit from internal linking, or linking between web pages of your website. A good internal linking strategy can not only improve your standings in search results, but your site's usability as well.

Internal linking improves page rank.

In determining page rank of a web page, search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing consider its link popularity, or the number of web pages with relevant content that link to that web page. Both external and internal links from reputable, related pages will help your web page rise in the ranks.

Internal linking makes your website more user-friendly.

Including links in your text to other related web pages in your website helps users find the content they are interested in easier and faster. An intuitive internal linking structure connects users with other pages that might have the information they would find useful. For instance, say you run a cheese shop, and you have a web page on your website about the kinds of bleu cheese your shop carries. If you have separate product pages for each kind of bleu cheese, you would want to include links to each of those pages. Also, if you have any in-depth blog entries or articles on bleu cheese, you might want to link to those as well. You can even link to other European cheeses you sell. In addition to a menu or an index page, each link provides users with an straightforward path for delving further into your website.

Internal linking helps web pages get crawled and indexed more effectively.

Just as well-placed internal links help human users find content more quickly and easily, they also help provide search engine bots with a more convenient path for crawling and indexing your site content. As the more efficiently your site is crawled and indexed, the easier it will be for potential customers to come across your website.

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