SEO and Content Marketing Integration

shutterstock_132228077To make the most of content marketing and it's important to optimize the content as you write it. Google's shift in the past year has put an emphasis on high quality content. By integrating SEO intelligence into your content marketing process, you can automatically increase your search performance right out of the gate. By integrating your content and SEO process, you can learn and scale your strategies and maximize you're your results from search, including search rankings, revenue and conversions.

Online travel company Travelocity recently integrated SEO and content marketing as an important part of their marketing process, and received some pretty incredible results. By optimizing their content as they wrote it, they were able to drive 10 times more traffic to their pages and create a five position hike in organic search rank.

Another example of a significant and positive SEO/content marketing integration is that of online toy retailer This company not only boosted search engine traffic and conversation on product pages, but they were able to raise the time spent on those pages by 153 percent!

Empowering content writers with the correct SEO tools that allows them to optimize content is key to getting such positive results. Gone are the days where search engine optimization and content marketing are two separate entities. Numerous research and case studies are showing that in order to be successful in today's internet marketplace, SEO and CMS have to work together to achieve results.

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