Now Available: YouTube Channel One

Last week YouTube announced the roll out of the YouTube Channel One, which will now be available for all users. The main focus of this recent change is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of channel pages across all browser types and devices, as well as to help channels convert more visitors into subscribers. The new Channel One allows you to have a channel trailer to give viewers a taste of what you offer, as well as a new way to organize your videos and playlists that can fit whatever your programming strategy happens to be.

Here are some tips to make the most of the new YouTube Channel One:

  • Create a trailer for you channel. This will play for any visitor who hasn't yet subscribed to your channel, allowing you to hook them and hopefully win a new fan. Keep this trailer short and engaging, and be sure to have a compelling call to action at the end.
  • Upload some eye-catching channel art. Unlike the old YouTube channels, any graphic you choose as your channel art will look good across all browsers and devices.
  • Organize your videos and playlists. With a new channel home complete with customizable sections, you are in control of what subscribers see when they click on your channel.

These recent changes to YouTube channels represent a major shift in the world of video marketing strategy. No longer is YouTube exclusively a place for one hit wonder viral videos, it's also a place where you can cultivate your own successful channel and drive subscriptions.

If you do decide to switch to the new YouTube One Channel, you will be in good company. Businesses big and small from all over the world have begun taking advantage of the new feature. If you're looking to create a professional looking channel with custom graphics, call the social media experts at CyberMark International today at .

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