Marketing to the Sexes: Ladies First

DemographicsDemographics are a huge part of marketing. Knowing your audience and implementing marketing tactics that will appeal to them can develop into a serious make-or-break aspect for any marketing campaign. When marketers discuss the gender demographic, there are very specific marketing tactics that appeal to the typical psyche for both men and women.

Marketing to Women

It is estimated that women control about 80 percent of the household spending. That means finding a marketing strategy that will appeal to women could have a huge impact on your overall marketing success. Here are some helpful tips that can make your marketing appeal more to the XX chromosomes.

1. Be Charitable and Show Community Care

Studies have shown that women tend to support companies that care about their communities. Women will actually spend more money on a product or service if they know that the company cares about the community. When it comes to online marketing, make sure your marketing demonstrates how much your business cares

  • Give to local charities
  • Support local events
  • Adopt environmentally friendly practices

2. Emphasize Value

By and large, women tend to make decisions based on value. They are looking for marketing that will show them how a product or service has helped others in similar situations. Below are some easy ways to incorporate value into your marketing:

  • Show practical uses for your product or service
  • Demonstrate scenarios that women can identify with
  • Offer useful tips and advice

3. Focus on People

Women appreciate engagement and interaction, and look for companies with a personal touch. A lot of their decision-making relies on whether or not they feel comfortable and have developed trust in a company. Here are some simple ways to increase your people-focused marketing plan:

  • Let them get to know your staff by including bios, stories and personal blogs on your site
  • Encourage reviews and feedback to build trust
  • Use social media to facilitate mentoring and group interaction

What's Next?

Fortunately, many sites now offer demographic insights, including the major social media platforms. These statistics allow a business owner to understand who their marketing efforts are appealing to most, and where they can be improved.

Taking these gender demographic statistics and utilizing them as a method to improve your marketing, is the next step. For more information, contact an online marketing specialist at CyberMark International today!

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