Is Your Website Built to Convert

onlineshoppingWhen building a website, there is an important factor to consider besides whether or not your website helps establish your brand. With many people turning to the internet to do the majority of their shopping, it is important to consider if your website is built to sell. Having a website that can convert visitors to leads by keeping them captivated can only be done by good planning and better design.

Appropriate Imagery

Don’t clutter your website with images. When you place images on your webpage, make sure that they have some kind of meaning and relevance, or they successfully invoke a message or feeling in the individual viewing them. If the image is there to just fill space, you are better off not using it in the first place.


Everyone enjoys having options. But customers that have too many options may become confused, and those that wanted to purchase from your site now don’t know what to choose. Not wanting to experience buyer’s remorse, they end up not purchasing anything at all. If you have a variety of options, it is best to decide what each is good for and then make a suggestion based on this criteria. Visuals are also a good way of directing a reader’s attention to a more popular or default option.

Visualize The Product

Depending on what you are selling, make sure you show the lead what they are buying. For example, when selling new software, show screenshots of what it can do for potential customers. This lets a prospective buyer ascertain if it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Unfortunately, this can be hit-and-miss for some products. In this instance, the software may seem too hard to learn, or it could make the buyer excited enough that they cannot wait to buy it. Either way, it is always better to let the buyer know what they are getting into when they are spending their hard-earned money.


Let the client try it out. Every moment that the client has their hands on the product or service is a moment they get to learn about it and see if it specifically suits their needs. Once the client realizes that they need the product and how much more efficient their lives would be, they are more likely to want to purchase it.

Guide The Lead

Having a proper navigational flow through your website is crucial. Arrows are great ways to direct the audience’s eyes to seeing the next action they can take to learn more about a product. It also makes it easier for potential prospects to see where to go if they are interested in purchasing your product. It’s important to never lead the customer into a dead end on your website; always provide the opportunity of letting them learn more about what you are offering.

If you have any questions about how to optimize your website to better improve your conversions, please contact CyberMark International today for a free website evaluation.

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