Increasing Conversions with Web Design

In creating a web design for your business or organization, you not only want to inform visitors about what you have to offer, but somehow convince them to try your products and services. Your call-to-action or words that urge visitors to take immediate action (Examples: “Click here to place an order today!” or “Call us at 1-800-555-2345 to sign up for your service.”) should figure prominently into your web design. A smart web design focused around your call-to-action can easily result in more conversions, and therefore more revenue, for your business. Here are a just a few examples of conversion elements that can help convert visitors into buyers.

Place your call-to-action and phone number prominently on every web page.

One way to increase conversions is to persistently let visitors know that they can order your products, sign up for your newsletter, give a donation, etc. Make it as simple as possible for visitors to act by adding these reminders, along with your contact information, to the main body section (where they are most likely to see it) of every web page.

Add a live chat feature.

Especially when purchasing online, customers typically like to know they can easily get in touch with someone from the company to find answers to any questions. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are great to provide, but nothing is as immediate as live chat. By adding live chat to your website, you let customers know that providing quick, quality customer service is a priority, something customers appreciate.

Add a talking Flash element.

Greet website visitors with an audio message about your company. Adding sound to your website is a bold move that certainly will grab visitors' attention, possibly resulting in more conversions.

Add a photo gallery.

As the saying goes, a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words. If you have photos that depict your products or services in a great light, why not show them off? Your photos give customers a great visualization of what you can offer them, increasing confidence in your products and services. Also, with properly optimized photos, hosting a photo gallery on your site can also be a smart SEO move. It's generally easier to rank for a keyword in image search results than in regular search results.

At CyberMark, our web designers can design these eye-catching conversion elements (and many more) to make your website more successful. We can also use various webmaster tools such as Google Analytics and to help you figure out how well certain aspects of your website are converting and suggest ways to redesign to increase conversions. To discuss more ways we can make your website more successful, contact us for a free web design consultation and quote.

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