Google My Business to Google Business Profile: What’s Different?

Google Business Profile Dashboard

The New Google Business Profile Dashboard & How To Use It

If you’ve logged into your Google Business Profile Manager (previously known as Google My Business) on your desktop recently, you may have noticed something strange. When you tried to access your business profile, it threw you directly to the search engine results page interface instead of the dashboard you previously used. You were then left lost and confused about how to update your business profile.

After hastily searching “google my business updates 2022” you may have figured out how to make a few edits directly to your customer-facing local listing. But you didn’t go through all that hard work of verifying your business just to “suggest edits” like any user on Google. That’s why CyberMark is here to walk you through any leftover questions you have on the new Google Business Profile and how to manage your local listing.

Accessing Your Google Business Profile

First and foremost, now that we’ve shifted away from the Google My Business app, you need to know how to find your Business Profile dashboard. You can view and edit your profile on Google in one of two ways: Search or Maps.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that you’re logged into the Google account that is associated with your Google Business Profile. If you don’t have a free Business Profile on Google yet, you can edit your local listing information directly on Google by suggesting changes.

You can also create a Google account for your business and claim ownership of your listing, so you have better control of any misinformation. For those that do have ownership of their Business Profiles, here’s how to access your new management dashboard.

Google Search

Accessing Business Profile Through Google Search

This method of finding your small business on Google works on both mobile and desktop. To start all you have to do is open Google Search in your preferred web browser. Type “my business” directly into the search engine, press enter, and just like that your business listing is visible and ready to update.

Google Maps

Accessing Business Profile Through Google Maps

Managing your Business Profile on Google Maps is just as easy as Search. Make sure that you have the Google Maps app before starting this process. You can download the app via the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for IOS users.

Open Google Maps on your preferred device then locate and click your profile picture (if you don’t have a profile picture it will show the first letter of your username) in the top right corner. Google should then display a menu that includes “your business profiles”.

Business Profile Manager

Accessing Business Profile Through Manager

If you’re having trouble locating the business you’re searching for, you can log into your Business Profile Manager at Search for your business using the search bar at the top, and click on the desired listing.

Getting to Know the New GBP Interface

Now that we’re in, it’s time to explore the new dashboards. What you’ll see varies between desktop and mobile. Both Business Profile dashboards give you options to edit and update your business information for your local listings.

These dashboards will also clearly state if your listing is a duplicate, needs to be verified, or has been suspended. If any of these issues occur, Google will kindly let you know that your updates or listing may not be visible to customers. If you need help verifying your business call the experts at CyberMark who specialize in local SEO or check out Google’s guide on How To Verify Your Business.


Business Profile Mobile Dashboard

Whether you use Google Search or Maps, you’ll see three options at the top of your dashboard: Edit profile, promote, and customers. You can use these options to update your hours, respond to reviews, and add updates for your business that appear in local searches.


Business Profile Desktop Dashboard

While the mobile version condenses the potential updates you can make into three buttons, the desktop gives you separate buttons for each desired task. It also displays your business listing as it appears in search results. This allows you to see changes in real-time (updates may take up to 10 minutes to reflect on your Business Profile).

Updating Your Google Business Profile

Most of your common updates can be found under “edit profile”. This option allows you to make updates to your about section, contact, location, and hours. Under these tabs, you can change your business address, add special hours for holidays, and more.

Changing Google Business Profile Picture

If you’ve recently had a rebrand and are sporting a new logo, you’re probably trying to figure out how to change your Google Business Profile picture.

Adding A Photo To Business Profile

To change your photo out locate “add photo” and then choose the “logo” option.

Changing Google Business Profile Picture

After that simply drag and drop your new logo in, and you’re good to go.

Drag And Drop Pictures In Business Profile

You can also add or remove photos of your business or choose a new cover photo to attract new potential customers.

Adding Posts to Your Business Profile

Don’t overlook this section of your Google Business Profile. Not only has Google implied that creating these updates helps boost rankings on SERPs, but it’s also a great way to stay in touch with your customers much like social posting.

On mobile, you can find this section under “Promote”. If you’re using a desktop, it has its own special button that says, “Add update”. Once you click the appropriate section you can then choose between add update, add offer, or add event. Google Business Profile also has a quick one-sentence blurb about each type of post, so you know which one best fits your needs.

Using Advanced Settings

So maybe you picked up the basics before ever jumping on this post. If you’re trying to make an update that isn’t clearly displayed under the buttons on your dashboard, try clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.

Business Profile Options

Select “Business Profile settings” from the small drop-down menu.

Business Profile Settings

Then choose “advanced settings”.

Business Profile Advanced Settings

Google Assistant

Once you’ve reached advanced settings you can enable Google Assistant to accept bookings from customers. You can even turn on automated calls to update your profile with ease.

Business Profile Google Assistant

Ads Phone Number

One of the elements you might’ve mourned for during the switch is the ability to input a tracking number. Without this handy tool, lead generation can be difficult to track and analyze. Lucky for you, we found it.

That’s right, this section is happily nesting in the “advanced settings”. Scroll down to the bottom and drop your Google Ads extension in the input area that is labeled “Ads Phone Number”.

Adding A Tracking Number to Google Business Profile

There’s a reason clients all over the nation choose CyberMark to run their Google Ads. Knowing the latest changes in the digital marketing space and adapting quickly is just one of them.

Auditing Your Business Profile

As mentioned earlier, people can suggest changes to a local listing without using a Business Profile account. This includes Google’s crawlers (computerized bots that scour the web for information). If the owner of the Profile doesn’t reject those changes, Google will automatically assume the suggestion is correct.

This means regularly checking your Business Profile and keeping it up to date is extremely important. Of course, it’s also helpful to reply to reviews, questions, and messages to create a better user experience and relationship with your clients.

Small business owners can benefit greatly from verified, updated Business Profiles on Google. Having an accurate listing helps consumers find your physical address, online store, and more information about your business. Afterall, Google Business Profile is one of the Top 5 Places to List Your Business, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

If you need help auditing and managing your local listing on Google Business Profile call CyberMark at 623.889.3380 and inquire about our SEO Services.

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