Google Analytics: A Quick Guide

An important part of any Internet marketing campaign is measuring your progress, whether its website traffic, lead generation or clicks from pay-per-click ads. Monitoring these key performance indicators helps you gauge the effectiveness of your efforts as well as identify areas in which there is room for improvement. One such tool to help you track the success of your SEO efforts is Google Analytics. This free web analytics service allows you to view all sorts of insights into your website and displays them in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Here are a few ways you can use Google Analytics:

View Insights

Google Analytics provides a wide range of site metrics, including page views, conversions, bounce rate, referrers and top content. Plus, Google Analytics displays data in several ways, whether you're looking for a brief visual overview of your site performance or a detailed report.


With Google Analytics, you can compare your site metrics against the collective data of other websites in your industry to see if you're outperforming or underperforming your competition.

Generate Custom Reports

Google Analytics allows you to create, edit, view and save reports using designated site metrics and parameters. These reports can be downloaded and shared in a wide range of formats.

Target Customers

Google Analytics offers advanced geo-targeting tools, including a map overlay and heat map, that allow you to see the areas from which you are getting the most traffic as well as the areas in which you have room for improvement.

Integrate with Other Google Products

You can connect Google Analytics with your Google AdWords and Google Checkout accounts to view data and gain insights on your pay-per-click accounts and online stores, respectively.

If you need help setting up or using your Google Analytics account, CyberMark would be happy to help. We can also assist you with any other web analytics tools you would like to use to track the growth of your site.

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