SEO Writing and Web Design Strategies for Small Businesses

In order to grow your website traffic from organic search results, you have to reach the first page for your top keyword, and optimize your text to improve conversion rates , thus convincing customers to do business with you. Here are some SEO writing strategies we use to help your business grow with internet marketing.

Search, website design and email marketing are still some of the most important internet marketing trends in effect today. Search plays the largest role in influencing purchase decisions as the top drivers of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300 percent (according to a study by Outbrain). Search allows consumers to find what they are seeking in the quickest, easiest way possible, which is why it is so important for businesses to ensure that their websites are SEO-friendly. Nearly 33 percent of organic search traffic visits the first listing on the first page of the Google search results, while over 75 percent visit the first five listings and fewer than 10 percent of searchers venture beyond the first page of the search results (according to a Chitika study in 2013).

There is no magical, cheap or easy way to make it to the first page of Google’s search results, and for good reason: while Google’s algorithms may change and evolve, their intent on delivering the best, most relevant results for searchers is unwavering. Every new algorithm Google launches is in the support of this end goal.



SEO will remain largely the same in 2015; businesses that optimize for Google’s destination (i.e. user experience) will continue to receive favor from search engines, while businesses that employ black-hat, spam-infested linking practices will face penalties. So for 2015, your best chance for SEO success will come from optimizing your webpages to be the best possible locations for your target keyword. In order to achieve this, you will need to invest a lot of time in your website’s SEO and content marketing strategies, or choose an ethical internet marketing company like CyberMark to determine your company’s value proposition and niche keywords, your customers and what they are searching for online, and the related interests, concerns and desires your customers possess. These strategic components will allow your business to target your ideal customers online with content that is relevant to their search. Here’s where CyberMark comes in:

Tailoring Content for your Audience

From individual web pages and landing pages, to blogs and social media posts, each piece of written content should be tailored for your customers and prospects. Your company’s content has to hold some value for its readers; otherwise, nobody will read it. Google and other search engines will always favor companies whose marketing decisions are all made based on what is best for consumers, while companies that try to game the SEO system by stuffing thin content with keywords will lose in the end.

Finding Niche Keywords

With many large corporations occupying top search engine placement for broad keywords, it is necessary to find niche keywords to specifically target your audience. In order to find these, together we think of the various conversational phrases people are likely to use when searching for your services. For example, to use an example from Search Engine Watch, instead of flowers, we would target phrases like Valentines bouquet, same day flower delivery, or inexpensive flower arrangement.

Next, we classify your keyword phrases into three categories: informational, navigational, and transactional. To address informational queries, we create educational content that links to your product or sales pages. Navigational queries are those searchers that are already looking for your brand name, product name, or website. Transactional queries signal commercial intent, and we tailor those for customers that are looking to purchase your product.


Knowing your Audience

With any marketing tactic, but especially with website content, it is important to build personas that address a specific segment of your customer base. Ask yourself who is searching for your products. Are they looking for a category of information or a specific solution? Do your customers come from a specific industry, geographic location or niche? Who are your customers? Once you define that, then you can tailor content to meet their needs. Such needs include:

  • Purchasing a product or service
  • Learning about a product or service
  • Solving a specific problem
  • Understanding product categories
  • Comparing products

How We Write for Your Audience

Not only do we take the time to, with your help, get to know your audience and what they are searching for, but we also write thick, engaging content in your brand’s voice that is SEO-friendly. We choose one keyword to focus on in the content of each webpage, and a few supplemental keywords that appear naturally when discussing your content. However, unlike other SEO companies, we do not stuff your content with keywords, but rather place them naturally so that search engines and readers alike can see what your website is all about. This is accomplished in five key areas of each web page:

URL: Websites with a streamlined, descriptive URL structure rank better than those with messy dynamic URLs, such as those ending in a string of characters like id=23456&color=2&size=3&session=895642. With this in mind, we optimize your URL structure to create static, brief URLs that tell the search engine and searcher exactly what your webpage is about.

Title Tag: Not only does your title tag have to be a certain length in order to fit into the search listing display, but it has to be compelling and descriptive as well. Remember, this is what searchers will see first when your business comes up in the search results, so that valuable real estate should be used carefully.

Meta Description: A search engine optimized meta description should tell the searcher, in 155 characters or less, whether your page contains what they are looking for. We optimize your search listing for the reader, not for Google. After all, it doesn’t matter how high you rank if nobody clicks on your listing. Check out these listings below for the keyword phrase, “Arizona sports tickets:”

cybermark sports tickets

While all three listings seem to sell tickets for sporting events in Arizona, only has a compelling meta description that tells you everything the webpage has to offer. The competing listings list several keywords, but are not optimized to have a high click-through-rate.

Headings: While we always optimize the body of your website for your focused keyword, we also think it is important to focus the headings of your webpage to call attention to your focus keyword and organize your content by topic to make it easier for your reader to follow along.

Call-To-Action: If your webpage is not meant to convert web traffic into leads, then you will not receive a good return-on-investment when it comes to the value of your SEO. By telling the reader what action you want them to take, you can directly impact their decision making. Whether it’s downloading your latest eBook in exchange for opting into your email newsletter or contact you more information regarding a product, you can expect more readers to take your desired action on your website if you simply ask them to with an optimized call-to-action.

Optimizing your website text for SEO is a time-consuming process that takes careful planning, strategic writing and a lot of thought. At CyberMark, we create beautiful, affordable and effective websites for you, and we take the time to write content designed to increase conversions and boost your SEO. CyberMark has a low-cost monthly leasing option for that is perfect for businesses that want a professionally designed website without a large upfront cost. Our leasing program includes hosting your site and requires just a small down payment and low monthly fee, and your website can be either designed from scratch, or customized from one of our website designs.

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